Monday, July 6, 2009

PLEASE see the video at Always On Watch. Under DEARBORNISTAN... it's important.
Wake UP, America.


shoprat said...

I saw it but I'm still absorbing it.

Anonymous said...

Z, this is an important snapshot into what is to be expected when Islamists have the numbers behind them to take a more aggressive stance. It's good that you posted this.

I believe we in America, have taken our eye off the ball in this area of great concern. I also think that Obama will not be vigilant in this just as Europe has not been. He may even approve, who knows?

Also, the cancer that is political correctness is a culprit as well. In the name of diversity, whole countries are dying the death of a thousand cuts from the Jihadist movement.

There will come a tipping point in these countries when the Islamists can prevail, if it hasn't already.

All with the "help" of politically correct politicians who are afraid to buck the mainstream thinking that welcoming diversity, and multiculturalism is the answer to adversity and adversarial confrontation.

Then there's the far left, who have allied with the Islamists, both of whom know how to do one thing. To tear things down.

Once they've accomplished that, has anyone noticed?
They can't build anything up! But oh, how they love the fight. They love it so much they don't know how to stop.

The dirty little secret is, while the far left believes they're using the jihadists, the jihadists think they're using the far left.

So, when the far left's heads are the first on the chopping block (pun intended), who wins? Guess!

I think Islam is more ingrained than leftist thinking, with thousands of years behind it. If these people get a foothold, the barbarians are inside the gate, and intend to stay there.


Z said...

In the meantime, secularists and other leftwingers are doing all they can to confound Christianity in this country, even after the amazing words of the forefathers and 85% of America saying they're Christian.
And, if we stand UP to it, we're bigoted? WOW.
And, if we stand up for Israel, even Jews have told us we're on some nutty rapture thing which makes our concern for Israel a totally self-serving thing!
The fun never stops!
The word of God will soon be squelched by people who don't know QUITE what they're asking for.

beamish said...

The fun thing about quail hunting is that one dog can put the whole covey in shotgun blast range.

Z said...

beamish, have you also heard that it looks like Obama's sold our nuclear testing of NEW , better nukes, in the deal with Russia?
I'm speechless.

Brooke said...

I'm on my way.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I stole this video from both you and AOW. I have a current post that I feel compelled to publish, but THIS video is DEFINITELY coming NEXT.

To every person who comments here:

PLEASE. TAKE this video and POST IT on YOUR OWN blog.

EVERY AMERICAN who treasures FREEDOM needs to see what can HAPPEN on HALLOWED AMERICAN SOIL!


Deborah on the Bayside said...

Sandy Gooch (owner of an exceptional natural foods store) once put on her grocery bags "those who think all vitamins are alike will probably swallow anything."

The left will make us all pay dearly for dragging this country into the swamp of moral and cultural equivalence where we will swallow (or now be forced to swallow) anything.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

It's interesting to see the reaction of Dearborn-ers.

Z said...

Deborah, I loved Mrs. Gooch's years ago!
And yes, that's interesting that it's only now, after 5 peaceful years, the Christian group has been stopped.
What fascinated me was the systematic way they blocked them. And the threatening and putting words in their mouths;setting them up. Very Saul Alinsky.
Soros must have EVERYTHING tied up, huh?

Always On Watch said...

Thank you for the link.

It is imperative that a lot of people see what's going on in Dearbornistan! What's happening there will be happening all over America as the numbers of Moslems grow.

Here's an interesting fact: We don't know how many Moslems are presently living in America. Estimates are wild-ass guesses, and most experts say all the estimates are on the low side.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I'll just copy and paste my comment over at Bloviating Zeppelin's:

the video footage is infuriating, and I hope it is taken to court. However, I don't understand why this is an indictment of Islam and the whole of the Muslim-American community. It'd also be nice to get a wider perspective, as we all know video cameras don't tell the whole story (there's no non-stop recording from beginning to end, from when they first picked up the pamphlet and what their conversation was...what's been left out?).

Some people simply don't like to be filmed; doesn't give them a right to assault the ones with the cameras; but it also doesn't mean they're hiding something because Islam tells them to be devious. I think that launches into the realm of the conspiratorial.

Z said...

I disagree with you, Wordsmith.
I do believe that this looked very coordinated in its defensiveness; the Muslims had left no stone unturned to keep people OUT.

I'm not one of those who thinks ALL MUSLIMS ARE BAD, as witnessed to by so many of my posts over the last 18 months, but I'd say we need to stay awake and not let ourselves be bullied. I believe good Muslims would agree.

I'm hoping the lawsuit will send a good message.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...


The problem is the video doesn't tell the whole story, and all we have to judge from, is what's been shot in the video, from the perspective of those who filmed (and edited).

What passed between them when the pamphlet was taken up? What occurred between them when they returned to ask their question (the video cuts into the middle, when those at the booth decide they don't want to be filmed).

Their desire not to be put on camera could be for any number of reasons; and given some of the attitudes of those of us on the right toward Muslims, there could be a bit of paranoia and hypersensitivity on their part. Who honestly knows?!

So what if they had a coordinated plan with security? Looks like some were Muslims who volunteered to do security for the event (what was this? A Muslim or generic cultural?). What does that prove? If they had a booth there, then they might have connections to security; if there's agitation, security personnel, called up by the people at the booth, might have given the benefit of the doubt to those at the booth as the victims of harrassment (which obviously doesn't look to be the case). There's a bit of confusion and not listening on the part of security that was far too confrontational and not willing to listen, just wanting to be respected and obeyed. Dialogue had shut down.

Z said...

Wordsmith...I understand all your points and you're not wrong. I just think we need to be aware.
There ARE problematic muslims and the 'in your faceness' is more than just individuals commanding respect as a free people living in the USA...there's something sinister in that video and I see it frequently.

As I said, I am NOT anti all muslims! I'm anti islamist and I'm against Americans sleeping when I see a threat of Sharia Law, etc. It felt odd to me that Christians couldn't pass out information at that Fair...sort of like if they tried that in Saudi Arabia, come to think of it.

It's a free world FOR ALL AMERICANS.

The Law suit's been filed, with Thomas More Law....let's see what happens, Wordsmith. xx