Saturday, January 23, 2010

Afghans are running for their Bibles now?

MK, our friend and excellent blogger from Australia, has THIS to say about American rifles and Bible scripture on them.
My question about this situation is this..........Which of America's muslim enemies will ever SEE the rifle sights in order to be offended by them?...AND, if they do somehow see one, do Afghan Muslims figure out the code and then run to their Christian Bibles to see what that particular scripture says and then get offended by it? But, we're taking OFF the codes JUST IN CASE??
Are we NUTS? Now, I'm not arguing here whether a Biblical code SHOULD be on rifle sights but the fact that our military thinks that my above-mentioned scenario could happen scares me....does it YOU? geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeZ!!
Beamish adds this excellent comment on HIS blog piece about this situation : We're emboldening an enemy to... get shot by "Jesus rifles" instead of say, blowing themselves up in a crowd of schoolchildren for Allah?


beamish said...

I blogged on this the other day.

AS far as I know, the military isn't removing the "bible codes" from the rifle scopes placed on the product by the contracting manufacturer. There's just the usual leftist arm-flailing tantrum about their existence, couched of course in the usual "we're provoking violence from Muslims we don't want to stereotype as violent" cognitive dissonance you can expect from crayon eaters and other kinds of leftists.

Z said...

Beamish, I think the word is they have ordered the company to remove them...Even Petreus said having them was 'disturbing'......

Z said...

I just added your comment on the post, Beamish..and your blog address.
You are SO RIGHT.
(i'm getting a tad worried because I'm starting to like your music..ruhroh) :-)

Anonymous said...

More political correctness from the same heirarchy in the military which allowed the Fort Hood killer to get a pass.

If we aren't on a crusade against the Islamist butchers, what are we on, a walk in the park?

We are what we are. There's such a thing as respecting one's enemy for their ability, and their devotion to their cause.

That respect doesn't preclude hating the enemy, it engenders a kind've regard for their tenacity while accepting the threat and strength they pose.

It most certainly accepts it must be ever vigilant, and prepared, or get swallowed up by it's sheer power of conviction. It's a test of wills.

There's no room for appeasement. Weakness in our approach in any way, is an opening, an invitation to disaster.


Z said...

Pris, this new Blackwater info I blogged on sure shows we're not on OUR SIDE..We caved....against ourselves..our own administration. horrid

Deborah on the Bayside said...


Yet "something" violently energizes a certain sort of people in common cause to knee jerk hate when they see or hear anything that resembles a nod to the roots of our culture in its Christian heritage.

Some of them love, instead, their Koran, but most prefer the New York Times.

Z said...

super comment, Deborah....
Excellent remark about the Koran and the NY Times..
see you tonight :-)

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, let these guys do God's work. Every dead Muslim advances the spirit of the Sermon on the Mount and if we need some inscription on the weaponry to remind us of God's work then go to it.

christian soldier said...

Posted this on the 18th--
I hope beamish is correct---

Anonymous said...

As usual Ducky, you miss the point. It isn't because the inscription is on there, it's the caving to muslims in removing it.

It's pretty ridculous when you think about it. The rifles are weapons to kill the enemy, and what, we're worried they'll be offended about an insciption on a weapon meant to kill them?

Political correctness taken to an extreme that is laughable at best!


Anonymous said...

Oops! sorry about the typos. Too hurried, I'm cooking dinner.


beamish said...


Music is the universal language. But you knew that.

My post on the "Jesus rifles" was accompanied with a death, thrash, and speed metal play list. You probably wouldn't like that.

Current music usually goes with the most recent post there.

Just one of my eccentricities. One day, I'm going to be a blogger.

Z said...

beamish, you ARE a genius, there is no doubt about it, even if you do have that weird taste in music! :-)
Do you like jazz or old standards at all? Any favorite old singers like Sinatra, etc?

beamish said...

I like the "acid jazz" movement - Jamiroquai, Groove Collective, Brand New Heavies, Count Basic...

Not much into the Sinatra stuff. I'm a rock-n-roller at heart. Gimme a beat :)

Z said...

SInatra music HAS a beat, it's just not loud enough for you :-)
But, seriously, I love the Sinatra type music but can't take too much 'easy listening'......
There's rap and your kind of music I tend to really like..
The new music Jen's exposed me to on her boog is lovely but loses me .... I don't know WHY because hers is much more accessible than yours but it bores me (sorry, Jen :-) And your edgy stuff draws me in (sometimes)

Law and Order Teacher said...

All I know is that on the plane over I and my fellow Americans were praying like crazy. I continued to pray the whole time I was in SEA. I would have loved to have had a weapon such as these. We didn't so we made do with praying. You get close to God under pressure.

beamish said...

Jen's musical tastes aren't boring at all. I think Jen's music has "edge-iness" too, but it's more lyrical than my mythical quest for the "brown note" LOL. I like noise, I guess.

I liken it to the hunting scene in the cartoon movie Bambi. Replace the sad dramatic violin sound track of the original with, say, Metallica's "Seek and Destroy" and it's almost hilarious. You cheer for the hunters, almost. It's uncanny how music can encapsulate such feelings and juxtapositions.

But, there is something to be said for anything composed in 4/4 time signature. It synchronizes with your heart rhythms, makes you want to tap your foot, drum your hands, move.

Not to rob the mystery of music with science....

Z said...

it's boring to me, as I said, beamish. I've liked a few of the things Jen's posted and she knows I'm behind the times :-)
I guess I just like EDGIER stuff..more clever instrumentation?
Of course, I like classical and Jazz and Sinatra-Fitzgerald type of music, too, VERY much. Oscar Peterson, etc.

MK said...

Thanks for the link back Z.

"Which of America's muslim enemies will ever SEE the rifle sights in order to be offended by them?"

Does it matter, if they are offended, so what? If they don't like it, they're always free to leave.

If we Christians or westerners are offended by anything muslims do, does anyone give a shit, that retard quacky and his fellow traitorous vermin cry foul over this, but do you see any of them clamoring for bibles to be provided when our troops are caught and get their throats slit on youtube.

Screw them and their precious feelings, lefties and their islamist pimps.