Friday, January 15, 2010


Chuck said...

Yeah, Obama has no use for the banking and financial industry. At least not until 2012.

Funny cartoon though

DaBlade said...

HAHA! Good one Z! He's too busy connecting the dots.

JINGOIST said...

LOL! Z, now that was funny! El Rushbo is fond of saying that all good humor has an element of truth to it. This one really hit the mark.

Obummer hates "fat cat bankers" more than he hates terrorists--who are probably "victims" of American oppression or mideeds overseas according to the diseased outlook of the annointed one.

christian soldier said...

OH!!-I'm so going to 'swipe' this!!!!!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I think Jingoist hit the mark.


Brooke said...

Obama's solution is to tax him!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he hates them so much he keeps them in his pocket, playing fast and loose with their money. Our money, to be more precise.

Bail 'em out with our money, and when they pay it back, distribute it, in stimulus, to his cronies and supporters. Pay to play and we suffer the consequences.

Quite a shell game if you ask me. Watch the bouncing ball!


Anonymous said...

And to think this great nation got started because some leading colonists thought George III of Mother England was oppressive.

The Founders must be spinning in their graves like jet-propelled tops. I can hear them whirring all the way down here in Florida.

~ FreeThinke

MK said...

Sorry chump, first your son has to blow up a couple 100 people, then the halfwit in charge will send the FBI to investigate amongst the bodies and rubble.

Anything prior to that and it's you know, profiling of poor peace-loving muslims. No worries about profiling white Christians though, no one cares about their rights. So long as the left's islamist pimps are not wronged in any way.