Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Keith Olbermann just can't take it...........

I watched Olbermann last night; he was playing a tape of Scott Brown's speech and I had missed the last ten minutes when it was LIVE, so I settled in to watch on msnbc.........
Suddenly, the speech tape stopped just after Brown introduced his wife and daughters, telling people that one daughter's a pre-med student and the other's a singer who'd appeared on American Idol, and the wife, Gail, is a reporter in the area.. I wondered why they stopped the tape when Olbermann got that puffy kind of 'thing' he does with his mouth when he's just so very annoyed, dontchaknow, and said "....we'll stop here for a break just in case Brown starts sharing family CHOWDER RECIPES." This is an example of why Olbermann's ratings are in the tank.
The dismissive nastiness isn't something Americans like or want anymore. Americans are not, as a nation, quite this mean. Are they?



Linda said...

I certainly hope not. I hope our leaders can read the writing on the wall and listen to the people.

Yea for Scott Brown and his lovely family!

Opus #6 said...

Even Mass voters want checks and balances in government. They spoke loudly and clearly.

Susannah said...

What a smug, dismissive, pompous a@#!!!! I'm sorry, but this & this link are why watching MSNBC is a waste of precious time. There's no reason to ever watch Olbermann , unless you just want your biases stoked, stroked & coddled.


Susannah said...

Okay, now. Sorry for my little outburst. Olbermann just gets on my last, raw, shredded nerve.


And yes, Opus & Linda, Hallelujah for Scott Brown! Indeed.

beamish said...

I think Keithy might have been having swirly flashbacks.

You just know there were guys at his high school reunion that chuckled in rememberance of flushing his head in a toilet.

DaBlade said...

While I do not believe that the majority of Americans are this hateful, I do believe that Olbermann is representative of the left.

Puritan Lad said...

I don't watch Olbermann (I can't even stand him in football).

However Susannah, there is one other reason to watch him. I'll let you guess what that is. (Hint: I may host an Olbermann viewing party on November 3, 2010). Anyone interested???

Steve Harkonnen said...

Olbermann is a tank of hot air. I am glad I don't watch his show, or any other show on MSNBC for that matter.

Just a conservative girl said...

Well, if you watching to get additional info for your blog you deserve a medal.

Ducky's here said...

This election is about people being fed up for many reasons; reasons unspoken and reasons that most people can't explain but connote anger nonetheless. People are pissed at government; pissed at status quo; incensed over the liberal schisms that can't reconcile party politics over pragmatics. And what's more, the average American has the damnedest time connecting all the dots - they're hard!

Barbara Tuchman would see these events and smile. The great lion of the Senate expires in the summer of 09; a country adrift from the errant policies of one of the great moron scions of our time - George Bush - now in the deepest recession since the thirties; a nation packed with illiterates, a frothy agenda driven media empire that wants to take back the eighties through hollow messages of patriotism and self aggrandizement and a Massachusetts electorate ready to yield to the frenetic vitriol of America's lovable right wing. Now this is entertainment.

EDGE said...


I love it! Let's keep putting the heat on these guys!

FrogBurger said...

This Keith guy is the biggest jerk I've seen on TV. He represents all that's wrong with the lefty intelligentsia: despiste for the people, shallowness of analysis, use of names and ridicule when he can't win an argument. He actually reminds me the French aristocracy before we cut their heads off. Yesterday was the beginning of the electoral guillotine. And for Keith, I can't believe the rating guillotine hasn't been used yet.

Elmers Brother said...

but duhkkky I thought you voted for Brown?

Elmers Brother said...

thanks for the original thought there duhkkky

Misfit410 said...

Why do you think the Recession is so bad Ducky? I mean don't you support that bogus Keynesian economics which pretty much caused it? (you know, Bushes and Obamas economic stance?) were you not talking it up on my blog last year?

Fact is Duck, we had a slight recession in the first year of Bush, he prolonged it with a stupid stimulus, except he gave the money to the people which propped it up for a bit, but it did not fix the problem, it was purely a band aid.. then comes Obama who just piles on a few trillion dollars of debt, the majority of the money is laundered and taken by corrupt Democrats and their friends, the burden to pay it back is placed on the private sector... if you don't see that this CAUSES a depression and does not fix it there is no hope for you.

It was actually Clintons Recession (that's not actually fair, the worthless and unsustainable piles of online businesses that had no hope of making it that piled up during the dot com had much to do with it..... but Clintons CRA amendments along with ACORN extortion certainly caused the housing and bank issues), Bush prolonged it, but this potential depression belongs solely to Frank, Pelosi, Reid and Obama.

Anonymous said...

With what passes for political commentary on MSNBC and the likes of Keith Olbermann, ED Schultz and Chris Matthews vomiting out political insights on a daily basis, Isn't the nightly MSNBC lineup taking political commentary to a new low? It's almost laughable to hear some demented leftist complain about bias at FOXNEWS — nothing there compare to the bile spewed at MSNBC by the likes of Olbermann.


Anonymous said...

Misfit410, excellent point about Keynsian economics. Some misguided individuals swallow the line from Keynes himself that he was "saving capitalism" with his economic policies. They conveniently overlook the fact that Keynes, himself, was a charter member of the British Fabian Socialists. Anything they did or said was in line with the ideas of Marx and Lenin — they just advocated getting there "gradually". Now that we've arrived "there", and Keynsian economics is the dominant economic theory ruling the planet, it may be about time to recognize that Keynes has become the "defunct economist" about whom he spoke in the 1930's.

Both Keynes and Lenin recognized that the surest way to destroy a country was to debase the currency and every country that has employed Keynsian economics has seen its currency debased — and they all employ central banks to do it — likely because central banks put into the hands of a small group the power to manipulate the lives and savings of many.


Susannah said...

Puritan~ Fabulous idea!! I'm there!

Elmer's Brother~ Excellent link...I think I've read that before...

Duck~ You're busted. ;)

Beverly said...

I had enough of Keith when he was at ESPN. One night he was waxing eloquently (?) and three in a big word. It was totally wrong!

I will not watch NBC football with him on there, and I certainly don't watch his take on the news.

Z said...'s a clip from the cut/paste Ducky did:

"This election is about people being fed up for many reasons; reasons unspoken and reasons that most people can't explain but connote anger nonetheless. People are pissed at government; pissed at status quo; incensed over the liberal schisms that can't reconcile party politics over pragmatics. And what's more, the average American has the damnest time connecting all the dots - they're hard!" Just part of it.

Thanks, Elbro. That surprised me of Ducky.

Here's the bottom part of the link (which includes a nude-ish pic of Brown many years ago):

"American idol hits the Senate. Maybe Martha should've posed for Playboy. OIA (Only in America)."

The American Idol allusion is to Brown's daughter who did very well on it and Martha is Coakley, of course. See, the Left can't argue intelligently, so they have to allude to Am. Idol as if HE is a bubble headed TV wannabe... It shows a lot, doesn't it, everyone.
Yes, "only in America"..DARN, not EVERYONE can be HA-VARD ELITISTS :0(

Susannah, i get that all the time if I just mention watching MSNBC, or a network....but I DO watch them.
Just a Conservative Girl: I watch it for the reason you give (and yes, I do deserve a medal sometimes!) and I watch it SO I KNOW WHAT AMERICANS ARE GETTING FILLED WITH. Thankfully, that number's shrinking and I predict that, with the election of Brown, even more people will be tuning in to FOX to see what's happening HONESTLY..ALL SIDES REPORTED.

DaBlade...I think Olbermann is more self-righteous than most, but they're close ....

Puritan Lad..what's 11/3? OH! ELECTION DAY!! Oh, yes...THAT should be QUITE A DAY.

Thanks, EVERYBODY for great comments...I thought that remark was SO below the belt and so emblematic of why liberal radio AND TV are losing viewers.

Anonymous said...

I would submit this thought:maybe if Ted K , had not been so greedy and given up that seat a couple of years back, the opportunity for last night would not have happened.

So, really, I have to thank Ted Kennedy for his greedy grasping ways , because he has helped America re awaken.

Truly, God does have a plan, and many of us out here have been and continue to pray over this wonderful country and her extradoridinary people.

This country was established as a certain type of system to prevent thugs like Obama from doing to it, what they are trying to do.

The will of the people shall prevail.

And the quacking one need not fret, many of us realize that even rats will fight when cornered.


beamish said...
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beamish said...

What's that quip you always use, Ducky?

Oh yeah.

"Tie a can on it."

This was a victory for conservatism. A triumph over your beloved leftism.

Here we are, one year to the day that Obama was sworn in as President. Obama, the leftist, the candidate ENDORSED by the Communist Party USA in the 2008 election. Your boy.

We'll have none of your cap and trade energy tax. Socialized medicine ain't gonna happen. Big wins for Republicans in the House and Senate this coming November.

And Obama's disapproval ratings in polling are slightly higher numbers than the disapproval ratings of every item on his agenda.

America hates Obama. America hates his agenda.

And, if you're not awake yet, America hates leftism.

A conservative won a US Senate seat in the bluest of blue states.

Not by appealing to moderates, but by being a conservative.

Moderates came to the conservative mountain, not the other way around.

When you burn your low carbon emitting votive candle to your Stalinesque portrait of the Messiah Obama tonight, weep and gnash your teeth.

Reaganism is still alive.

FairWitness said...

Bill O'Reilly had a segment on with Bernard Goldberg this week where I learned something about NBC & MSNBC. There's a deal in the works with Comcast buying the network, but right now GE still owns it. GE has been promoting the liberal agenda and supporting Democrats to gain government contracts. Jeffrey Immelt, GE CEO, has deliberately used the network, both news and entertainment programming, to ingratiate GE with government bureaucrats who are overwhelmingly Democrats.

I have been confused, for some time now, about why MSNBC shows like Olbermann's and Hard Ball with Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, etc, with the worst ratings on TV still stay on the air. They have to be losing money by the tons, even moreso than viewers. GE has been subsidizing them. I wonder how long that will last when the Comcast deal is completed.

This strategy has caused major problems for GE, too. Jack Welch, GE's retired CEO, was a great corporate leader. It must be very hard for him to watch the decline of the empire he stewarded to great heights. Who knew political ideology was supposed to be factored into operating a business?????

Actually it's not, one is supposed to insulate one's business from government and political intrusion, not become its partner. Anyway, it seems things may be on the verge of changing at NBC-MSNBC.

Anonymous said...

Keith Olbermann sleeps beneath a hundred layers of whale dung every night of his wretched life.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

FairWitness...I, too, had heard Comcast is buying those stations...well, that could be huge, couldn't it.
so much nasty stuff going on in that DNC where they promised America TRANSPARENCY, CHANGE, HOPE...a brighter truer more honest TOMORROW.
What freakin' RUBBISH.

FT...good point. the man is that miserable, that's for sure.

cube said...

Last night would've been a great time to watch Olbermann if only to watch the top of his head blow off. Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable to me that Olberboy get's paid to throw tantrums. You can get any two year old to do that for free!

Please, someone get this infantile excuse for a commentator, a pacifier!


Anonymous said...

Who can take Keith Olbermann?

The only place I might take him is to the top of a very tall building, so I could throw him off -- or to the center of a high suspension bridge for the same purpose -- or to waters infest with piranhas -- or to a den of cobras -- or -- well I'm sure you get the idea.

At any rate, I wouldn't take Keith Olbermann anywhere I wouldn't take Michael Moore, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Patrick Leahy, Charles Schumer, Joe Conason, Morris Seligma,n Dees, Rachel Maddow, Stephen Breier, Sherrod Brown, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Denis Kucinich, Hillary Clinton, Ibrahim Cooper, Barbara Boxer, Maribel Manning, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Zoe Lohfgren, Paul Krugman, Seymour Hersch, Jane Fonda, The History, Political Science, Sociology, Law and English departments of NYU, Columbia, Hunter College and CCNY, etc., etc., etc.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

How about writing letters to protest the nasty words used by Olbermann in his TV rant against
Scott Brown.

Does MSNBC allow their news commentators to use filthy, sexual,
references (ie teabag....)
during their broadcasts?

Why is this okay ?

There are any number of slang terms
that I would guess are not allowed.

Some words to the management could
be worth the trouble. Better yet,
demand an apology to Mr. Brown from Olbermann !!

Why can't we demand that trashy
language not be allowed?


Anonymous said...

I know I'm late getting in on this, but Keith Olbermann is tangible proof of what happens when a person completely despises themselves.

He spews such venom and hatred that I feel dirty after watching him.

Anonymous said...

Writing letters of protest would seem to be the genteel thing to do for those that are disgusted with the rantings of the likes of Olbermann. But who would you address those letters to? Jeff Zucker? Jeff Immelt? Do you think they are not aware of the buckets of shit that is dumped out of MSNBC on a nightly basis from say about 5:00 pm to midnight? They must be laughing their asses off ...

Did anybody watch Zucker explain how he decided to alter his original decision about Leno and Conan O'Brien, when it was clear that both shows were failing in their new time slots? He said in an interview with Charlie Rose that he cleared it with Leno first that he would take over the O'Brien slot and then informed O'Brien.

But here's an even more interesting item about how Ed Schultz appeared out of nowhere (Fargo, N.D) to take over a nightly rant and rave show on MSNBC— you already know this, I'm sure ...

The bottom line is I doubt that being genteel and writing letters to Zucker or Immelt won't cut it — their appointees on MSNBC are doing exactly what they are being paid to do.