Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is it cold out there and you want something warm and satisfying? Try the SHORT RIBS recipe at Mac 'n GeeeeeZ! (shameless plug:-)


Anonymous said...

What happened to Fair Witnesses' Roast Pork Adobo, Kathleen's Salmon Loaf, the sauces suggested to go with it, and the excellent recipe for Vegetarian Cabbage Soup recently submitted by Dora Temple Pierce, who was for years the Food Editor of The Sandpiper -- a high-quality Delaware-based regional publication that is unfortunately now defunct?

I thought the recipes were supposed to build on one another and not disappear altogether without warning.

How disconcerting!

~ FreeThinke

Faith said...

FT, I noticed that the recipes you mentioned weren't showing up at the food blog, but kept forgetting to mention it.

It's not easy to get something to post there, not for me anyway and maybe not for you. I suspect you hit the button and then go away and don't realize it didn't post. I have to go back at least twice, hit "Preview" twice before I finally get the test word, and then if I get that entered correctly it will post.

DaBlade said...

Mmmm. Short ribs. Reminded me of Shaq's pulled pork sandwich.

Z said...

They're there, FT...boy, you got me worried and I just went through all the posts....the piece you and FW left recipes on was the New Year's Eve post and it's already so far down you must click on OLDER POSTS at the bottom of the home page thread to see it...but, I just got the link for you:

Odd you should mention Dora Temple Pierce's cabbage soup...she mentioned something about it in a comment HERE but I never saw one THERE at Mac 'n GeeeeeZ, did YOU?

I am delighted for her to have come there at all, you don't think I'd erase anything she sent, do you?
I'd love her to come back and repost, I have no idea what happened....

I'm sorry you actually felt I'd delete anything without warning..WHY would I? They're THERE...I'm trying to build another blog, not sabotage it!!

Faith, they ARE THERE...I've never had a single problem with anything posting and, FT's ARE THERE, and I'd like to know IS ANYBODY ELSE HAVING TROUBLE??

DaBlade...I LOVE pulled pork sandwiches!! MMMMM

Faith said...

OK, I found them, found them ALL. The cabbage soup too, on the New Year's blog.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think that, Z, I thought it was some sort of electronic glitch. I did try to look "older posts" but couldn't find the first recipes.

Sorry the Dora's Vegetarian Cabbage Soup recipe isn't there. I SWEAR I saw it posted.

Oh well! Not to worry. Time to look forward not back.

~ FT