Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I can't believe this....I am happier than I've been in a very long time! HURRAH!!

Congratulations, Massachusetts.....and Congratulations, America! Senator Scott Brown.......WAY TO GO!

Thanks to blogger FreedomNow for the great graphic...z


Jan said...

Z..that makes at least two of us! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hip hip, hooray!!

FrogBurger said...

Yipee. I'm so glad. I love the US. Best country on the planet. Thankg god not all people haven't been brainwashed!!

G-Man said...


FrogBurge can't spell said...

Oops. I meant "Thankg god not all people have been brainwashed!!"

Anonymous said...



FrogBurger said...

Feels good Obama, Pelosi and Reid are sending Democrats 20 years backward. Hopefully the Republican leadership will wake up too and stop being the morons, empty vessels they've been.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Voinovich released the statement this afternoon, he has no intention of voting for the healthcare bill.

Could that earlier rumor have been a ruse by the White House? Now, why would I think that?


Anonymous said...

Ohhh..Rah!! We're taking the country back step by step.

FrogBurger said...

You should watch MSNBC. MadCow is so depressed. I love it.

Faith said...

Oh, how wonderful! A bright spot in the political gloom.

sue said...

Congratulations, Conservatives!

I can't remember when this blog has seen such happy and positive comments.

It's an amazing victory - Ted Kennedy had the seat for 47 years,
and now it has gone to a Republican. That's politics.

Z said...

Sue, what a good sport,honey.
Thanks for being here.
You know...I just know this is right for our country; and that's enough for me. As many of the Dems on FOX said in the focus group tonight, people who voted for Obama and Coakley, "we need to stop such an overt one-party situation in this country". I couldn't agree more. Maybe this additional Republican will bring good debate and make people REALLY present their points with FACTS behind them and not expect the Congress to vote their way just because of the NUMBERS being in one direction...that's a very good thing for this blessed country.

AND TERM LIMITS! (I can dream)

shoprat said...

It started with a couple of governors and now the trickle becomes a Tsunami.

Z said...

Okay, tell me the truth; did any of you shed a tear of joy?

If you come clean, I will :-)

My phone's been ringing as if I'M RNC HEADQUARTERS~! Oh, my GOSH, and I LOVE that so many of you came right to geeeeeZ to register your happiness! That makes my night even more wonderful.

FrogBurger, if I hadn't wept earlier, your first comment would have done it, anyway. Sometimes, it takes one not born here to REALLY appreciate us.


G-Man said...

Mark my words, if the libs ignore this mandate and push the health care bill through by subterfuge now, there will be lead flying. There will be open revolution in the streets.

Z said...

Hi, G-Man...a friend who called bemoaned that they'd probably not seat Brown soon...I told her that would be impossible...even with OUR leftwing media, SOMEBODY in that awful group has SOME integrity and would make sure Americans heard how LOW THAT WAS.

Was it Kennedy's replacement who was seated quickly BECAUSE of the coming election? I can't remember, but somebody was rushed into their seat...Please tell me who it was..I've forgotten but I THINK it was that guy.

If they can do THAT, how can they slow Brown's seating?

HELP with any info, please..thanks, guys.

Good to see you, G-man

Soloman said...

It's a political earthquake!

G-Man said...

This was of course the first place I came to share my gloating Z. I'm still around, just consumed by the daily trials of every day life. That happens every now and then.

RightKlik said...


What a happy DAY!

The Obama curse is over!

Keep fighting, patriots!!

Victory party LIVE: http://jan19.com/

Sue said...

WHAT A HAPPY DAY! I am overjoyed at the events. And absolutely, I believe God has heard the cries of His people!

Having said that, I do hate to inject a pessimistic note, but... The Dems are already threatening to not seat Brown, pass the health care bill as is, have Obama sign it and then "fix it". If they try that, I firmly believe there will be such an outcry...well...you can only imagine. This link showed up on Facebook just a few minutes ago. Back to the fight!


WomanHonorThyself said...

woohoo we got Massachsetts!!:)

beamish said...

I'm happy, but guarded.

We can hope Democarats are stupid and tone deaf enough to "double-down" on their left-wing National Socialist agenda to take over health care and blame Republicans for stopping it (thanks for the free advertising, schmucks) but there are procedures in place that could still saddle America with Harry Reid's unconstitutional Senate bill.

All that has to happen is the House of Representatives voting to approve Harry Reid's version of the bill and it goes straight to Obama's desk.

Then we're stuck with a law that can't be challenged until it goes into effect, in 2012, after Obama has stacked the Supreme Court further with left-wing idiots.

Do a shot, do a jig, but remember we're still fighting tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

And tonight, in Massachusetts, the Patriots speak again.

Oh yes, there is a rift in the FORCE, all right.

The spirit of freedom cannot be extenguished, no matter how brutal some are towards we the people.

WE, the PEOPLE, will declare what is right for us, not some prancing , mincing jerks who sit in DC shouting down to US.

God Bless AMERICA.

And Senator Brown is said to have said to Mr. Obama...something to the effect of driving that pick up to DC to meet him.

This is wonderful. ALready some of the more Moderate Democrats are talking about getting out of this health care quagmire.

However, if Mr. Obama is as I think he is, he will push harder.
( for his own way)

So be it.

Freedom rings.


Anonymous said...

Coakley conceded. She doesn't owe the WH anything. They were stupid to publicly trash her. She won't call for a recount. There's no justificaton to delay declaring him a winner.

I don't think The results of the election can be questioned. Brown won by too many votes for the lawyers to take it to court.

If Coakley hadn't conceded it would be different. I think this is a done deal. They'll have to seat him.

If they pass the Senate version as is, there'll be more hell to pay than there is already.

I'm not so sure they can get the votes now to pass it. There have to be a lot of real jittery Democrats tonight, in DC.


Anonymous said...

Imp, Yes we are!!


FairWitness said...

Oh Z!!!! Shout for joy!!!!

Bartender, martinis all around!!! Make mine a dirty one with 3 olives and bruise it!

Z said...

Pris, it was still a 5% margin at 98% of the vote so it's a done deal.

FairWitness, a martini's a good idea!

Beamish...I thought the Senate and House have to agree to something first.............?

Anonymous said...

Love the graphic Z.


Freedomnow said...

Now we will get some real change.

Congrats to Brown and Massachusetts!!!!!

Z said...

FreedomNow, that graphic is so good!
Thanks for letting me use it..xx

MK said...

Great news isn't it. The dems can spin this any way they want, but this is a warning shot from the American people, if those morons press ahead with their mad-leftist agenda, they can expect more seats to be wrested from them.

I hope obama is worried, he really ought to be, him running there to whine about croakley probably made things worse. That's gotta hurt, from the great orator to the great bore.

Always On Watch said...

I concur with Beamish:

Do a shot, do a jig, but remember we're still fighting tomorrow.

BTW, have you seen this morning's lead editorial at the WaPo? See the top post at my site.

Susannah said...

Yippee!!! Yippeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martini, indeed! Fairwitness - my favorite! ;)

AOW~ Celebrate & carry a bit of a swagger; but today, square your shoulders & proceed...


Susannah said...

btw~ LOVE this picture. I'd like to borrow it & link back to you. Okay?

Freedomnow said...


You or anyone else can use the picture. It is located here:


FairWitness said...

Z, did you watch Fox News last night when pundit Juan Williams said he expected the Democrats to "double down" and ramp up the pressure to push their healthcare bill thru via any means necessary? I think he could be right.

The Obama, Pelosi, Reid strategy has been to push everyone around, bullying elected representatives and senators in their own party, to get their BS legislation thru. They've disrespected & demeaned those who disagree with them, particularly the Tea Party movement. They've dismissed all who oppose their radical proposals. Why would the election of one Republican change their behaviour? They don't even respect their own fellow Democrats.

Personally, I hope they do continue this. Every head they stomp on strengthens our resolve to rid ourselves of these thugs, and that's all they are, common thugs.

The thing is this; not all Democrats are far-left radicals hellbent on replacing America's free capitalist system with a socialist one. Are the "Blue Dog" Democrats strong enough to withstand the pressure that's going to be applied? Or will President Obama prevail? I wonder.

Ducky's here said...

Careful what you wish for, z....

... a lot of folks like me went out there and said "Screw this bipartisan shit".

We want a purge, "Twinkletoes" Emanuel, gone. Larry "The Walking Ponzi Scheme" Summers and his cabana boy Timmy, gone.

Lieberman, gone. Specter, gone.

No more playing nice with human waste piles like Rick Warren.

Obama just found out he is dead on the center right and now he has to figure out how to save his presidency. You may get a surpprise.

Mark said...

We Conservatives deserve to gloat. Gloat now, but be watchful.

It aint over yet.

Ducky's here said...

I'm going to stick around and watch the repukes suffer. Been seeing it for about two years now, Those big diesel pickup trucks for sale along the road & getting repoed, millionaire developers going broke, frigging repugs losing their big suvs, and their mc-mansions. The righties moving further to the right, and they think it's going to fix their problems, sure the poor people are ging to suffer too, but they always suffer, now the righties are taking their turn.

No work, no money, repig contractors who thought they were immune, losing their shirt. I'm staying, wouldn't miss this for the world. They're writing the script, screw em.

Anonymous said...

No tears of joy, but very frankly a feeling of pleasant surprise followed by quiet elation. I really thought for sure that the D'Rat operatives would find some way to cheat Scott Brown out of his victory -- and then, of course, this did take place in Massachusetts -- the place inhabited almost exclusively by Massholes, as my cousin's daughter, who lives in New Hampshire, calls them.

Very glad Voinovich has scotched Michelle Malkin's conjecture about his potential treachery, Pris, but then you never know what a politician will do -- but usually it's doo doo.

The Tea Party Movement was the beginning. This great victory is only the Second Step in the work that must be done to undo the dreadful things planned by Obama & Co. and all those evil crypto-Marxists who infest the halls of congress.

Opposing Obama and the Democrats is not racist and certainly not anti-Progress, it's anti-COMMUNIST. Yes. I call a spade a spade. If a rose by another name would smell as sweet, so also does a skunk stink to high heaven.

The cavalry appears to be coming at last. HALLELUJAH!

~ FreeThinke

Susannah said...

Is it just me, or does anybody out there have the faintest idea what Ducky's talking about?

Just askin'.

FairWitness said...

Susannah, I had the same thoughts about Ducky's posts.

Seems he begrudges hardworking, taxpaying, successful Americans' (Republican, Democrat & Independent, alike) rights to spend their own money as they wish. They're smart enough to make the money, but not smart enough to spend it, I guess.

He's on Obama's side in this. Effective, productive, wealthy Americans have no right to spend their earnings. Those should be turned over to Obama so he can spend it. Funny how the have-nots always think the only way to earn wealth is take it from those who have earned it. They never consider learning how to earn it themselves. It's never their fault that they're poor and failing, it's always someone else to blame.

Someone who spends his life envying, craving & coveting the achievements and wealth of others, instead of acquiring his own wealth & striving to achieve goals of his own, IS A LOSER.

Z said...

Ducky, you said "No more playing nice with human waste piles like Rick Warren."
STOP IT. You're a guest here and that kind of stuff doesn't fly here. Ya, stand up for Muslims who'll kill but slam a man because he's a PROTESTANT. Nice, Ducky.

We are ALL THRILLED and nothing you can say will bring us down......
Brown WON, YOU LOSE. America WINS.

OBAMA is in deep trouble and, as one politico last night said on MSNBC, "I'd hate to be at Reid's house tonight"......

It's time we take America back; but we have to start unindoctrinating our kids....the left's done far too good a job for us to have that safety net we had in the past when the left got in control; think of YOUR SCHOOLS, folks...without changes there, the things we do to save our country from liberalism NOW will only delay the creep of socialism like Ducky promotes in this great country.


FairWitness said...

Think schools, that's where the focus should be, Z. Citizens throughout this nation need to become community organizers and activists to combat the leftists doing the same thing. And we are way behind. We need to catch up.

Susannah said...

Z, you're exactly right about SCHOOLS! Wasn't 'Education' one of the 3 agenda items that BHO told us he was going to 'transform?' Didn't he say Education, Energy & Healthcare?

W/ 2 of the 3 gone (Cap&Tax, Healthcare) ---- we'd better watch out on Education...

Btw, my kids - who had gone to bed b4 Brown's victory was officially projected - were the first ones we told. Ran upstairs & told them! And they were almost as excited as we were. We'd spent the better part of the evening talking about how Congress works, supermajority, filibusters, filibuster-proof Senate, etc. They knew what this meant/means.

...and no, I don't homeschool, but this is something they won't get in school. But they will get it, & they DO get it.

beamish said...


They do have to agree to something. Right now, the Senate is seeking to work out the compromises between the two versions of the bills.

The House could (though it is unlikely) simply vote to pass the Senate's version of the bill as is, and send it on to Obama to sign.

Z said...

but Beamish...isn't filibuster possible now? You sound much more pessimistic about this health bill than even the LEFT does on TV!

I hope you don't mind my posting your comment to Ducky..it rocked.

Susannah said...

Z~ Beamish is right. Theoretically, the Dems could cram this thing through. They could rush it through to the Pres' desk, but they'd be crippling themselves & destroying any ounce of credibility they have w/ the People if they choose that foolish route. Some like Jim Webb (VA) & even Barney Frank have sent smoke signals to NOT do that.

They could, but it would be extremely risky, highly difficult, & they will very likely not.

Be optimistic, but know that this is a battle won, not the war.

Susannah said...

Freedomnow~ Thanks for the link. You'll see I've used it on my sidebar!

Z said...

I AM optimistic, Susannah! I'm with you...I feel that if the Left tries to push this through by not letting Brown take his seat OR not allowing any discussion/filibuster, it'll be SO OBVIOUS that they're going against the will of the people that they'll be DEAD IN THE WATER.
I really think this will NOT go through now....

And, boy, we haven't even begun to discuss the comments Brown made about giving our enemies Mirandas or fighting Al Qaeda!

beamish said...


Basically there's 3 bills. The bill the House sent to the Senate, the bill the Senate came up with, and the present bill they're working on that irons out compromises between the two.

The House could just accept the previous pre-compromise version of the Senate bill as is, but there would be a lot of Congressmen pissed that their input into the bill the House sent to the Senate would be lost.

It would be a hard sell for Pelosi to pull off, considering all the bribes involved in getting the bill they sent to the Senate in the first place. A possibilty, but not a likelihood.

Susannah said...

"we haven't even begun to discuss the comments Brown made about giving our enemies Mirandas or fighting Al Qaeda!"

I KNOW!! Wasn't that like being hooked directly into an oxygen tank?????? Mr. Susannah said to me, "He sounds like he's running for President, now. I think I'll take a Brown/Palin ticket."

Dee said...

Brown/Palin ticket? Now that's something to think about!

Z said...

Beamish, thanks...I got that explained on TV finally, too.
I still think there will be a filibuster and we won't have a bill anything like what Pelosi wants.

How do you people feel about pre existing conditions? does anybody argue it's a good idea to turn away those with preexisting conditions?
Seems to me that Obama would LOVE that because it'll probably demolish private insurance companies, having to pay for people who are just signing up..in the MILLIONS for serious diseases:-)

I don't want to hear about Brown/Palin right now, tell you the truth; Let's let Brown breathe and see how it goes. If the Right starts catapulting him to prominence with such lofty goals, he's sunk. It's TOO EARLY. But we've GOT HIM in the 'wings'....shhhh!

Susannah said...

z~ (i'm whispering, can you tell?)

i won't say anything more about brown/palin...i agree - it's waaaay too early for that...but he plainly said things - mirandizing/nat'l security - that we've been DESPERATE for a president to say...and no president on the PLANET is willing to even whisper it...

that's all. yes, let the poor guy breathe. see how it goes.

LOVE YOU!!! ;)

FairWitness said...

Hi, Z. With regard to pre-existing conditions, under group coverage in West Virginia, any new employee has a 90 probationary period before health goes into effect, if that employee enrolls. Let's say, for instance, that the employee is a diabetic. Insurance coverage for the treatment of that disease would be ineligible for a period of 1 year, after which covered treatments would be paid for.

The same applies to dependents of the employee, the waiting period is 1 year, during which time they would be paying the full premiums for insurance for their diabetic child or spouse, and then coverage would kick in during year two. Our group health plan is renewed every year and the premiums adjusted depending changing health of the pool. If we had a diabetic covered insured, our group health rates would go way up.

For private insurance buyers, pre-existing illnesses are FOREVER ineligible for coverage. Let's say a healthy parent, privately insured, gives birth to a child who develops diabetes. Health coverage is available to the child through the original insurance company of the delivering mother with premiums being charged for the additional insured.

But the parent will not be able to change health insurance plans, look for better coverage or rates because coverage for pre-existing conditions is declined.

When that diabetic child grows up, they're ineligible for private health insurance, too. The sick don't choose to be sick, and on top of being sick, they're penalized further by not being able to get health coverage. Something needs to be done about this.

Insurance is supposed to cover everyone and spread the risk and the costs so that an expensive illness doesn't impose a catastrophic burden on the individual. Today's insurance companies want to charge top premiums, then in turn invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, derivatives, etc. Plus, they use every means to deny claims. That's not what insurance was created for.

They've become investment houses. It needs to go back to insurance with premiums paid and set aside to pay claims, not to be used as investment capital. We've gotten away from the reason insurance companies were founded.

Bryan said...

Though many are rejoicing over Scott Brown's U.S Senate win in Massachusetts, what should politically involved Christians remember? They should remember that Scott Brown is not a messiah and that his election:

* Has not stopped the blood shed of unborn children
* Has not stopped the militant homosexual movement
* Has not stopped famine and pestilence
* Has not stopped America's moral degradation and idolatry
* Has not stopped government school indoctrination
* Has not stopped apostasy and lukewarmness in the church
* Has not stopped the rising of Islam
* Has not stopped the persecution of Christians
* And has not stopped the sins of America from filling the cup of God's judgment.

This is not a time to recline on the bed of ease. We are still in the last days and the times are still perilous. We are still a country and a people that need to be called to repentance.

We are a nation in need of more Holy Ghost filled preachers, watchmen, messengers, and prophets who will sound the alarm, and call a nation and its people to repent and turn to God.

"Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober" (1 Thessalonians 5:6.)

Susannah said...

Fairwitness~ Excellent summary. My husband spent some of his career as a salesman for group health insurance. He was required to get his license, so this taught him/us the ins&outs of the insur. biz. We were exceedingly grateful later, when no longer in insurance, we had to literally take our health insurer to the mat over my 3rd pregnancy (high risk) & birth.

That said, you're correct in that we have to develop a shift in understanding re: what insurance is for...on the provider side as well as the consumer side. Insurance was NEVER meant to be an entitlement vehicle to pay for every hangnail & stumped toe. It was meant to keep a person/family from being bankrupted by a catastrophic event or illness. We the People need to return to that understanding, then maybe our society will experience the paradigm shift we desperately need w/ regard to health care costs, etc.

Susannah said...

Bryan~ I'm absolutely with you. Please understand however, that Mr. Scott Brown - the man - is not what we're so excited about. I'll reiterate a comment I posted on my blog yesterday:

"In the grand scheme of things, this breaks the lock on 'one party dominance' in the Fed. Govt. It means that the Far Left will no longer have carte blanche on legislative agenda or their passage. It means that other voices will be heard & represented - which was NOT happening.

Indeed, Sen-elect Brown seems like a stand-up guy. He's not as 'conservative' on some issues as myself, but that's okay. It takes all kinds...I'm just so very relieved that 'all kinds' of voices will now be allowed to break through the DC elitist arrogance & entitlement, & will have a fighting chance @ being heard."

So, dear friend, please understand it's NOT about "Scott Brown," it's about We the People being released from the oppressive bondage of the Leftist dominance which was (& perhaps still is) threatening our Republic.

And to think...God used MA to do it! What a grand sense of humor He has!! ;)

Z said...

Susannah, excellent comments, (love you, tooxxx!) Thanks for the input.

FairWitness...EXCELLENT information, thanks so much for that. I agree something has to be addressed re preexisting conditions...thanks so much for your info. Good pt about insurance companies doing only what they're supposed to do. Of course, that profit they make might go toward keeping premiums affordable but I'm not seeing that in action much these days!! It might be nice if they paid DIVIDENDS to their policy holders somehow!!? :-)

Bryan, you don't expect Scott Brown to have done all that already, right? :-) (give him TIME!!! haa!)
I have a mind that God used armies in the O.T. and he's using us now to protect this country which I BELIEVE He created...yes, end times might be nearer than ever, but we have to continue fighting and honoring HIM in everything we do, large or small scale. Scott Brown at least is a good start to getting us back to conservative values; protecting our country to the detriment of those who want to kill us (what a novel thought!), lower taxes so the little man can get AHEAD not have given him a self-respect-killing bunch of fish instead of the fishing pole, etc.......
His election showed people are on to those who want to hurt America with political correctness, etc.

And, oh my GOSH, am I in favor of everything on your list. God bless you and Mrs. Bryan!! xx

Anonymous said...

Loved what happened.
Loved that graphic of Scott Brown.
Proud of the voters.
Proud of all who have protested.
Smile at the irony, of how we can now see the beginning of the end of the Dems power.
It was a great day in America.
Your great bloggers have said it all so well.
Thank you Z