Saturday, January 2, 2010

CNN v FOX and the our media really THIS dishonest?

I was watching some CNN this morning .... they were discussing the latest terror attempt on the airplane on Christmas Day. The news readers were discussing the situation and how one of the big reasons there's a problem is that there's no TSA head yet, and that Jim DeMint is the one holding this confirmation back because he believes the TSA employees shouldn't join unions. Check THIS ARTICLE out. Well, come to find that article's partially right but Huffington, as did CNN this morning, forgot a fairly major part of the Errol Southers confirmation situation; He has admitted he wasn't forthcoming in senate investigations, admitting he'd illegally used his FBI position to do checks on his then-estranged wife's new boyfriend and some Republicans find that problematic. Go figure!?
When I Googled to find the information about Southers, I had to go into a few pages on Google before that information came up. Most of the articles for the first page or two were 'shameless Republicans impeding our safety because they won't confirm Southers and they don't apparently believe it's important that people pay attention to Jim DeMint's information: See that information in THIS very quick video. I finally found more on Southers, it was difficult to find this on Google, and it's very soft soaped as you'll see HERE.

He lied in his vetting........another perfect Obama nominee.

Jim DeMint's getting castigated as if for allowing the near tragedy to happen....typical Leftists.
Heck...maybe, just maybe, we could find somebody who didn't lie to the Senate? Just a thought.



Joe said...

Leftists like, indeed seek out, people who have this kind of trash and interest conflict in their past. It is all they know.

They believe dishonesty is a virtue and a relative thing...especially for their relatives.

Khaki Elephant said...

Beautiful and important post, Z. I missed this like CNN so often misses the point.

Elmers Brother said...

let's just wait for the comment from duhkkky and the rest of his trailer park before we comment.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Another shameless liar in the Obama administration? Color me surprised.

Z said...

Elbro, I was surprised that Ducky didn't comment..he did on the post below and this was already up. Maybe he couldn't deny this information? he's done that before.... IS important, don't you think? People just aren't hearing the truth anymore. That's why I posted YOUR excellent info above.

Joe...scary, isn't it.

Pas...good to see you. You're NOT SURPRISED?? :-)

Susannah said...

I went to hear Dick Armey speak in October. He said, "The Obama Admin. has us playing 'wack-a-mole.'"

We can't stop one scam before another one pops up. We can't get all the facts on one radical 'former association' before another 2 communists appear in the White House. We can't prove one liar before another 3 show their faces. We can't stop one treacherous bill (hlthcr.) before another one is breathing down our necks (cap & tax, etc.).

This, my friends, is designed to wear us down little, by little, until we feel so demoralized that we're willing to let it go, just to be able to quit worrying after it...

Heaven help us. Give us perseverance, courage & stealth.

Anonymous said...

How dare Demint stand in the way of another fraudulent, useless affirmative action hire after Van Jones and Eric the Red Holder?

Chicago politics...ghetto style.

Z said...

Susannah..WOW, what a hypothesis. You sure could be right because I'm seeing great bloggers like Debonair Dude and a few others closing shop. I think we're ALL TIRED and that's exactly what the damned extremist Left is counting on.
"Give us perseverance, courage & stealth" are SO RIGHT.

Anonymous...leave me initials or something! Do I know you? You're so spot on with your comment.

This whole administration is SO CHEESY. (except I hate to insult food)
Why the heck not pick someone who has a little better record than having lied to the senate and done illegal things as an FBI guy? Is this a pay off, TOO?

Dan said...

It is as if the media follows a flow chart.

Crap hits fan.

First question on flow chart: "can Republican somewhere somehow be blamed?".

Yes: Set news cycle for next 3 to 300 weeks depending on how bad excrement-fan encounter was.

Anonymous said...

So, let me get this sraight. If Southers, who it took Obama eight months to nominate, had been confirmed, the Nigerian would not have gotten on that plane and tried to blow it up?

I see.

Isn't there an acting head of the TSA until there's a confirmed one? Why isn't he/she responsible for the attempted bombing?

Does Southers have a crystal ball? Some special ability? That is besides the fact he's a liar, and illegaly abused his position and oath as an FBI agent.

It sounds to me like he'd have been too busy trying to unionize the TSA employees to worry about any potential threats or improvements in the existing system.

He's downright lucky he wasn't confirmed or he'd be falling on his sword instead of Janet Napolitano.

Strange, there isn't a Czar in charge in charge of Transportation Security. Obama must be slipping.


Z said...

and Pris, do you know DeMint didn't even MENTION the LYING to the senate this morning on CNN/ What the HELL is wrong with HIM now? Of course, they cut him off a lot, but not as much as they used to.
CNN's seen the light since centrists starting flocking to FOX, methinks. slay me....
I urge all of you guys to see his blog; as good a blog as his comments are here :-)

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Not to mention that Obama took his good-time even nominating a TSA head - some 240 days, I think.

So much golf to play, so many galavanting to do. Oops, forgot the TSA nomination!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I'm not sure what to make of this airplane incident in Detroit. There could be more at work, beyond the obvious — not to go overboard on the conspiracy aspect — but this was a replay of the earlier incident with the shoe bomber from 2001, including the same materials being used and apparently the same individuals involved in manufacturing it.

The result of the earlier shoe bomber incident immediately obvious were long lineups at airports as stricter security was enforced. Similar to this incident from what I've seen with longer lineups, more frustration imposed on the public as everyone is considered a suspect including the 90 year-old grandmother in a wheelchair. The ever-present agents of "security" should send a message to any airline customer that they are being monitored and considered suspect — what could be called expanding government tyranny, especially when proper profiling of the known perps is off the table. Let's not forget that those exempt from this don't wait in lines to be scrutinized and frustrated — they fly private jets and/or enjoy diplomatic immunity.