Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year?

Obama's beginning the new year by "reviewing the US intel system."
Does that make YOU nervous, too?
And then, as Blogger Sue reminded me in her comment on the above intel situation...there's THIS:
Did you hear that Obama signed an Executive Order which "grants the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) rights on American soil that place it beyond the reach of our own law enforcement agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)"??
Please read HERE for the whole story.........and please tell me it's not as bad as it sounds....please?
I wonder that Obama taught constitutional law when he's so willing to seemingly shred that great document. I suppose when you've been raised with the 'notion'(as he'd put it) that America's never done anything right and ONE WORLD ORDER should just about knock her down to size, this stuff works.
It doesn't work for me....does it you?


Sue said...

He has also allowed more INTERPOL involvement in the US...(that is probably old news by now)

Just wanted to drop by and say Happy New Year, Z! I am looking forward to following your thoughts in the upcoming year. You are always so gracious about visiting me. Thank you!

God Bless in 2010! Hope all is well...

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much more we have to know about this President before we just face the fact he considers himself to be independent of American law?

Just as any dictator from any country, he does what suits his agenda, with no outcry from the congress and our elected officials.

The American people are not meant to be at the mercy of one man, even the POTUS. Indeed, we are not meant to be at the mercy of those we elect.

Z - I think it is as bad as it sounds. The more Obama eludes serious challenges to his actions, the more he'll commit.

If the constituton no longer is our rule of law, we have no law except what is proclaimed by one man and his acolytes.

What's to stop him from permitting a foreign army to our shores at some point? Or to establish his own police force answerable to him and now it seems to the international courts?

Obama is gradually piece by piece dismantling everything American. Even our constitution.

He does not have our welfare at heart. He considers himself to be above any constraints and this congress has aided and abetted him, either by avoidance of confronting his actions or compliance with them.

He's using unapproved czars, and executive orders to accomplish what he could not, under the legislative and constitutional process of advise and consent.

And so far, he's getting away with it, isn't he? With nary a peep from our elected officials.

All of this is why the American people are rightfully alarmed, angry, and afraid. Those in a position to do something about it, are doing nothing, which leaves the people totally vulnerable to this administration's actions.

America is a country with the rule of law, not of men, or so it is supposed to be. It is not at the moment a government of, by, and for the people.


Anonymous said...

So Interpol is going to take on responsibility for stopping and fighting Islamic terrorism?


Just like they stopped international narcotics trafficking?


beamish said...

Lock up your daughters, the blue helmets are coming!

Linda said...

I sure hope we can see some change this year! (Hope and Change!) Let's hope the congress changes the majority, and the new senators that are elected are fiscal conservatives!

Always On Watch said...

Could BHO suspend the 2010 elections based on this review of the terrorist threat?

Anonymous said...

Everything these Dictocrats do -- and everything they think, feel and dream -- causes the Great Bird of Fear to start flapping its wings in my breast.

One of the worst things on the horizon is the re-institution of the Death Tax -- as it was before Republicans oh-so-temporarily phased it out.

If you die before January 1, 2011, you can leave, I believe upwards of six million dollars unmolested to your loved ones. As of midnight January 1, 2011, the government goes back to stealing 40-60% of your estate.

Why anyone thinks that's a good idea is beyond my feeble powers of comprehension.

Does anyone care to play Devil's Advocate and explain what the benefits might be to society in depriving rightful heirs of more than half their rightful inheritance?

~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...

Could BHO suspend the 2010 elections based on this review of the terrorist threat?


I used to laugh at the left when they suggested Bush was going to use a state of emergency order to cancel the 2006 elections.

They made as much sense as you do.

Always On Watch said...

I know that my statement sounded paranoid.

But I am at a loss to explain how our so-called elected public servants can continue to pass legislation that appears to be legislation that will result in their losing their seats of power on the 2010 elections.

After all, two off-year state elections, one of those elections here in Virginia, indicated that the voters are willing to turn out those Dems in office right now. The Virginia election was of particular significance, IMO.

Yet, following that election, Congress continues to push in the direction opposite the electorate.

Z said...

I wondered why Ducky didn't respond to my piece regarding Errol Southers....I guess it's pretty irrefutable.

AOW..anything's possible these days with the Left. Imagine doing so much against the will of Americans? And, knowing they might not stay in power this November?

This is all about POWER...they want America down, on her knees and in debt. WHy, I don't know...what kind of fiend calls himself a constitutional law teacher then shreds it as badly as Obama's done? They're on a perfect course for something....I'm just not sure WHAT.

Khaki Elephant said...

My favorite response from the White House in all of this was Robert Gibbs suggesting that 500,000 people on a watch list made it impossible to manage . . . sort of like a couple hundred million people on a health care system.

I too used to laugh at those I considered extremists talking about the government's abuse of power . . . but that was before Obama. Before the seizure of GM . . . before the forced sale of Chrysler . . . before the bank bailout cover-up . . . before the white house seized control of the Census process . . . before a health care bill with provision like section 3403 requiring a super majority to repeal . . . before the democrats achieve a level of power and revealed themselves.

Anonymous said...

"This is all about POWER...they want America down, on her knees and in debt. WHy, I don't know...what kind of fiend calls himself a constitutional law teacher then shreds it as badly as Obama's done? They're on a perfect course for something....I'm just not sure WHAT."

Z - Obama has said the constitution is inadequate. Can you imagine? What an ego this man has.

He's done little in his life except do whatever he had to, by hook or by crook, to get where he is, and he says the constitution is inadequate.

The same old thing with the far left, they know better what's good for everyone else. If they don't like the rules, they change them to suit themselves, because they play by different rules and the consitution is a barrier to what they want to do.

I have a feeling when he was a teacher, if he was a teacher, it was to teach where the constitution failed in his opinion.


Z said...

Pris, your comment is so right on.."where the constitution failed"..imagine teaching that to American students?
They'll be all falling along his Harvard elitist thug buddies now, too; they've got it locked tight; Kids learn to hate this country's best parts and actually believe OBAMA CAN SAVE THEM.

@#(&(*$#&(&$'s getting scarier and scarier. I just linked to your blog ..I hope people see your excellent information.x

Anonymous said...

I'm with Khaki Elephant. It takes willful blindness to not see the abuse of power by this administration. Obama is doing things in the light of day that conspiracy theorists have whispered about for decades.

Anonymous said...

It is as scary as it seems.
All done in the open and no officials making a sound, because
"their guy" is in the White House.

I talk to Libs all the time. They are so uninformed about what is going on, and fight you tooth and nail, if you say anything negative about Obama.

It is blind devotion. The facts don't matter at all. "That is just
what the Republicans are saying, spreading lies to tear him down !"
I quote "a friend".

It is sickening. I do not see it getting better. God help us.

Z said...

matisse, a friend was in Michigan for Christmas and had dinner with an old friend, very liberal....he started in on the 'wonderful Obama' not counting on the fact that this friend's new husband is very bright and very conservative and he started in on facts to this lib's nonsense...suddenly, she told me tonight her friend started text messaging, completely turning away from her husband, and saying "Well, maybe I should learn more, but......text, text, text...."

problem is, he votes, votes votes.

Anonymous said...

The only people I have actually
seen change from Libs to Conservatives, have done it on their own, over a long period of time. The shock of 9/11 also added
some fuel and spark to these changes.
Nothing I have ever said has changed a Lib in any way, even if they agree with me. The "religion" is too strong a pull.
Some more Dennis Miller-type of transformations would give me hope.

They vote and the beat goes on...