Thursday, January 21, 2010

See Your World..........REALLY see it

This was written by my dear friend Ray. You won't want to miss's information all Americans should WAKE UP to:

FRUSTRATION is realizing that someone's hard earned money is paying for me to attend a left wing madrassa.

I'm taking an English 102 course and I'm thinking it's about writing the long essay. NOPE. It's about making sure I'm sensitive. The school has adopted a theme called SEE your world.

SEE Your World stands for:
Hunger, poverty, education, disease and health, HIV/Aids, children's health, maternal health, gender equality, war and peace
Forests, water quality, sanitation, water availability, bio-diversity, carbon-dioxide emissions, energy use, waste, biotechnology, agriculture, land
Employment, trade issues, debt, market-access, manufacturing, poverty
Through the SEE Your World theme, the learning outcomes we hope to help students achieve are the following:
Understand and appreciate the complex and diverse identities around the world
Acquire interdisciplinary knowledge of the world's social, environmental and economic problems
Develop a heightened sense of global interconnections and interdependence
Explore the historical legacies that have created the dynamics and tensions in the world
Learn how to engage in deliberative dialog about global issues, even when there might be a clash of views
Engage in actions to sustain and preserve communities and the environment for future generations
These areas of focus are drawn from Kevin Hovland of AAC&U and author of Shared Futures: Global Learning and Social Responsibility and from Caryn McTighe Musil of AAC&U and author of Assessing Global Learning: Matching Good Intentions with Good Practice.

It's not hard to determine that the free market and other past 'sins' of our country will no doubt be blamed for many of these issues.

In my ENGLISH class I'm required to attend a Poverty Simulation event, in addition to the following: (these are but a few, I haven't pasted in the full list, there are one or two that are not on class nights so they are recommended vice required)

See Your World Event -- Liberation Theology: Origins, Analysis and Stories of Personal Experience 4:30pm-5:45pm, SC 140-144

SEE Your World Event -- Attend and Report to Class at 9:15pm
Poverty 101, 7:00pm-9:00pm, SC 140-144

SEE Your World Event -- Attend then Report to Class at 8:45pm
History of Haiti: Colonialism, Imperialism and Today7:00-8:30pm SC 140-144

this is an article Why My Race Matters that I have to respond to for my first essay.

Certainly I want to be sensitive to those in need and I am, but why in an English class? a sociology course....I could certainly understand.

Thank God I'm also taking a math class. One can only hope they haven't figured out a way to screw with numbers.

Gee, Ray...could it be AGENDA? :-)


shoprat said...

It started decades ago when activists started to "politicize the personal and personalize the political."

You need to keep in mind that socialism is as much a religion (albeit a materialistic one) as it is a political system and Political Correct Enforcers are their inquisitors.

Faith said...

That kind of ideology-driven agenda gets me so depressed I almost can't stand being on this planet for another minute. I kid you not.

BB-Idaho said...

My times change. Back in the days
(waaay back), my college English final composition was a 15 page
work titled 'The Effect of German
Submarine Tactics on Allied Shipping 1943. Got me an A....

Elmers Brother said...

in the math class they'll be computing the number of dead capitalism and democracy have left in its wake...


Ducky's here said...

It started decades ago when activists started to "politicize the personal and personalize the political."


And the Protestant thumpers were leading the parade, shoprat. Come on be a little self reflective, it's good for you.

FairWitness said...

Good grief. How can a school charge tuition for an English class when the cirriculum is obviously far-left radical political science. Can you get a refund for the money you spent to learn English?

Elmers Brother said...

so what duhkkky is saying is indoctination is ok as long as it's the liberals who are doing it.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Seems as though kids in school should forego the droopy pants and knit wool caps and simply all transition smoothly into brown shirts.


Ducky's here said...

No elmo, I'm saying that you are so far in the bag that you don't understand your own indoctrination.

Dan said...

So what is it then Ducky, is indoctrination good or bad?

Elmers Brother said...

Look who's talking duhkkky...piss as a media for art??


besides I've had my dose of liberal theology in my own collegiate experience and found it wanting

like you

Elmers Brother said...

in the bag? I'm assuming you mean people have convictions would call it dogma

believe me I know it's easier for you because you don't seem to have any or at least the ones you have will be different tomorrow

Elmers Brother said...

this guy hovland is a piece of work

The genesis and evolution of the Shared Futures initiative in AAC&U’s earlier work is the subject of chapter 1 of this publication. It will not be giving too much away to say here that the futures referenced are those of students from all around the world. That those futures are shared is, of course, a truism, but the term also reflects a growing sense that interdependence is shrinking, flattening, or otherwise changing the shape of the world. Shared futures, however, do not exist solely in that broadest sense. They are found in regional, national, local, familial, racial, and sectarian relationships. They also exist in our conception of the undergraduate curriculum. As the emerging sets of common goals and purposes surrounding global learning on campuses demonstrate, reform efforts aimed at improving liberal education and global learning share both a history and a future.

Chapter 1 highlights the role of global learning in a complex and shifting set of assumptions, goals, and practices in liberal education. To best understand AAC&U’s current efforts to support global learning in the undergraduate curriculum, it is necessary to place them in the context of national diversity and civic engagement work. Perhaps most importantly, this chapter shows that global learning is, and has been for many years, essential to any high-quality liberal education. While the chapter focuses on analysis drawn from earlier AAC&U initiatives, it should be noted that the essays and reports from these initiatives distill the energy and experience of numerous faculty members and administrators from campuses across the country.

The second chapter suggests that global learning goals are increasingly evident in campus conversations. At the same time, evidence from a research scan of liberal arts colleges that was funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation illuminates a disconnect between rhetorical support for these goals and their integration into curricular designs.

Chapter 3 describes some of the ideas that have shaped two Shared Futures curriculum and faculty development projects, and provides examples of how campuses are translating these ideas into curricular practice. While the examples are drawn primarily from the Liberal Education and Global Citizenship project, the ideas continue to engage participants in AAC&U’s newest global learning project, Shared Futures: General Education and Global Learning. Supported by the Henry Luce Foundation, this ongoing project includes sixteen institutions selected to serve as leadership sites for developing global learning models and promoting the use of global learning as an organizing principle for general education programs.

other excerpts that I've found include the desire to dismantle Western Civilization and to redistribute the wealth

yep duhkkky the system is definitely down a hole

Anonymous said...

I'm also required to read a book called Mountains Beyond Mountains, about Dr. Paul Farmer.

The story is riveting and certainly makes one empathize with those suffering, but the good doctor also expresses his disdain for conservatives, et al.


Ducky's here said...

So what is it then Ducky, is indoctrination good or bad?


Education is good, free expression is good, reason is good, scholarship is good ... a bunch of Libertarian dipsticks whining like wounded cattle because the syllabus doesn't completely agree with their agenda is NOT good.

Does that answer your question, Dan

Elmers Brother said...

there shouldn't be an agenda duhkkky....duh

Breitbart had a good article on this

Elmers Brother said...

it's all in the name of sustainability and social justice

highboy said...

You basically just read in ducky's last post that he's opposed to democracy.

Ducky's here said...

History of Haiti: Colonialism, Imperialism and Today7:00-8:30pm SC 140-144


z, why would you object to a class like that? Or don't you believe Haiti has a colonialist history?

Faith said...

Unfortunately, while being under the thumb of a foreign power was unwelcome, Haiti's freeing of itself from that oppression took it from being a wealthy beautiful island to the poverty-stricken disaster-prone area it is now. Colonialism can't be blamed for what has happened since that moment.

But besides that, what does a discussion of Haiti's history have to do with a class in English?

FrogBurger said...

The people who provide those courses can be greatful a prosperous country gives them clients, students and funding to teach that.

"No elmo, I'm saying that you are so far in the bag that you don't understand your own indoctrination."

Well Ducky, start with yourself before asking us to do some self-reflection.

Elmers Brother said...

from Breitbart

familiar with modern public education should be well aware by now that one of the ‘Re-Thinking’ pursuits in K-12 school districts these days is the values inculcation of belief systems that sustain “global citizenship.”
This political mission is commonly advocated while suppressing and/or demonizing varying, skeptical viewpoints — to which students are lawfully and ethically entitled under national and statewide academic freedom codes and regulations.

Global citizenship is a postmodernist incarnation of Cosmopolitanism and “world citizenship,” one of a number of controversial political causes for which William Carr’s National Education Association advocated in the 1950s – back when the NEA began promoting the notion that the United Nations was the only hope of mankind.

Mr. Carr once wrote: “Teach those attitudes which will result, ultimately in the creation of a world citizenship and world government.”

Sustainability a.k.a., “sustainable development” crystallized in the United Nation’s Brundtland Report. It states, in part:

‘Sustainable development’ is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”; “An additional person in an industrial country consumes far more and places far greater pressure on natural resources than an additional person in the Third World” and “in the final analysis, sustainable development must rest on political will.

Z said...

BB...those were the days; we could choose something interesting and write; and the WRITING was the criterion for learning and getting one's's an ENGLISH class!

Shoprat...PC is ruining everything...

Faith, I believe you, TRUST me. I feel the same way sometimes.

Elbro...good sarcasm! And good links...can you believe what this guy Ray's having to do?

Ducky...your hatred for Protestantism is stupid and unbecoming. I urge you to find a post where anybody slammed your supposed catholicism. I say "supposed" because I don't know a Catholic who believes prayer is a "racket". And, of course, I don't know Catholics who slam other another faith as you do, either.

And, DUCKY, you're really showing just how indoctrinated YOU ARE.
Firstly, you did it again: You pick one thing on the syllabus, ignoring all else, and whine asking me why I don't approve?
By the way...what does Haitian colonialism have to do with an ENGLISH CLASS, DUCKY? WHY DON'T YOU READ? Are you PURPOSEFULLY THIS BLIND AND DEAF? YOu call encouraging people to do nothing but look into LIBERAL BULL CRAP NOT INDOCTRINATION!
MY GOD, I'm getting to see that you're not only here playing devil's advocate, you REALLY DON'T GET IT. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised at your comments here....I actually thought you might realize how you'd feel if some Conservative prof had his students read and visit ONLY lectures and books touting capitalism, etc.......I can only HEAR YOU NOW "IN AN ENGLISH CLASS?" kind of cute, know, i didn't know just how lost you are.
Oh, and by the way...I can't imagine how much worse Haiti would be had it NOT had, almost every country's suffered since colonialists left (it's a deep dark secret the idiot left won't see)
ELBRO is SO right about the piss and Christ that way, you make me laugh, too. Sorry, but....

FairWitness..that's the rub. Good honest America-loving people have to pay for this's even worse at Columbia, NYU, nephews just had to 'write what the prof wanted and get on with it'. terrible

BZ...great comment, and scary.

Dan...indoctrination is only bad if good Americans are doing it, dontchaknow. thanks for visiting

Ray, thanks for being here! I hope you comment more often, buddy!
I'll look into that book..this stuff is SO IRRITATING!

Ducky's here said...

Is Ray in High School or College? I'd love to have him post some supporting documentation.

It is unfortunate that he has to write on a topic that isn't approved by the right but I hardly think that constitutes indoctrination unless you think the idea of poverty is an irrelevance.

FrogBurger said...

"the idea of poverty is an irrelevance."

No it's not but you people think this can be totally eliminated from the face of the Earth.

That's your problem, leftists. You're in total denial of the human nature and condition.

So instead of accepting it and making things better, all you want is impose tyranny on it and try to change human nature and condition.

That's why this only leads in tyranny and poverty for all instead of a few.

Dreamer morons.

Anonymous said...

Everyone here seems to assume there is a nefarious left-wing agenda behind every one of these seemingly laudable concerns and ambitions.

I tend to believe your assumptions are probably correct, but does anyone here honestly believe that these aims and ideals are inherently evil?

What precisely is WRONG with this long list of concerns for the health, welfare and longevity of all humanity? I believe I know, but I'd like to hear it from others. What essential element did they OMIT?

As responsible people most of whom identify themselves as Christian in one form or another -- or at least not as avowed enemies of Christ --, how could we legitimately just sweep all this aside, and claim these issues to be false or irrelevant?

My feeling is that WE ought not to FIGHT this, but rather to find and endorse LEGITIMATE ways of dealing humanely with these concerns.

We need creative thinking and prayerful consideration of the very real and pressing needs of others more than we need to wring our hands over the hypocritical machinations of leftists.

Bitchin's easy. Fixin' takes work.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

college Mr. Ducky.

what do you mean by supporting documentation mr. ducky? The link goes to the teachers website. The information in the post comes directly from there. The syllabus is also available. You can see for yourself.

If you google Mr. Hovland you'll find his website.

Writing about and understanding poverty certainly seems worthwhile, but attending a Poverty Simulation, Liberation Theology etc. events tend to give one the impression that this is a theme, not merely an exercise in writing. The material such as the book I'm required to read also suggests that successful people deserve our didsain and have inflicted all this on the poor. It's more akin to demanding value changes better left to parents vice an education.


Anonymous said...

Free Thinker,

We all feel compassion to the poor. BUT why in an English class? Shouldn't I be learning how to conjugate verbs etc.?


Elmers Brother said...

Poverty is not the issue.

The issue is that all of this is more appropriate in a sociology course or a course on liberal idiotology. (sic)

Deborah on the Bayside said...

The essay "Why My Race Matters" is actually interesting/provocative. A lot to agree with there. Except ..... it has no place in an English class!! Ditto for the See Your World crap.

And Liberation Theology? A thinly veiled attempt to sneak in revolution behind Jesus' skirts. (oops, Matthew 7:23 applies).

It would be tempting to essay back the merits of Ms. Bahrani's position and its proper relationship to a sociology curriculum (I cannot bring myself to call it social "science" which it's anything but) and utter bafflement at crowding out material worthy of an English class.

As for "education, free expression, reason and scholarship" those melted out of the education system when the 60's lefties swamped it -- first as students, then eventually as the education establishment they became. I've heard this from lefties of the 50's and 60's - both those who came to their senses, and those who are still on the left: to paraphrase, "the establishment allowed fair and open discussion that we don't see in the university today."

This is not news -- I know. But a disgusting slap of reality.

Elmers Brother said...

Sustainability a.k.a., “sustainable development” crystallized in the United Nation’s Brundtland Report. It states, in part:

‘Sustainable development’ is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”; “An additional person in an industrial country consumes far more and places far greater pressure on natural resources than an additional person in the Third World” and “in the final analysis, sustainable development must rest on political will.

this is politically driven, h
as nothing to do with English

Breitbart said it here:

Parents, not educators, have the right to decide values, articles of faith and creeds for their children. Of course, children are free to make up their own minds whether to accept them over time. But it is not the job of public servant educators to undermine or contradict parents. That would be hostile.

Students do not attend public school so that teachers can make them hate American culture, society and their own species; that the human race is some kind of dangerous animal that must be culled by Planned Parenthood, or world government.

It’s bad enough when what they teach is false. They also lay extreme guilt trips on children that make them question whether they are killing our species and planet.

Such mind-numbing is a hostile act intended to brown/blackout common sense, faith, familial bonds, logic and reason from ‘green’ minds.

Children are free if they are presented more than one view but a single perspective in a REQUIRED course

is a RE-education camp.

Elmers Brother said...

The essay "Why My Race Matters" is actually interesting/provocative. A lot to agree with there. Except ..... it has no place in an English class!! Ditto for the See Your World crap.

I read it too Deborah and you're right it is provocative.

If you like weasel words. The guy in a round about way is guilty of the things he's accusing the 'colonials' of doing.

Elmers Brother said...

In 1915, the American Association of University Professors issued its first report on Academic Freedom and Tenure.The
premise of this report was that human knowledge is a neverending
pursuit of the truth and learning is most likely to thrive in an environment of intellectual diversity that protects
and fosters independence of thought and speech. Moreover, the 1915 General Report admonished faculty to avoid “taking unfair advantage of the student’s immaturity by indoctrinating him [or her] with the teacher’s own opinions before the student has had an opportunity to fairly
examine other opinions upon matters in question, and before
he [or she] has sufficient knowledge and ripeness of judgment
to be entitled to form any definitive opinion of his [or
her] own.”

Students have a right to an impartial non politicized education.

Z said...

Ducky, do you lie that much?
Why do you even THINK a friend would lie to ME about their classes?
Want to personally interview my nephew who attended Columbia for his viewpoint.? Or my nephew from a California U? You think they're lying to me, Ducky, when they tell me that they just realized real quickly they had to write what the lib prof wanted or else? Didn't bug them, they just spewed it back and got excellent grades... and thought the guy was a SHIT for his actions...and my nephews are not dyed in the wool Conservatives. yet.

Dan said...


Does that answer my question?

Well..., actually..., no it doesn't. You gave a list of things that were good-education, free expression, etc.-in answer to my question. You failed to mention however that peace is good, no suffering, happiness, truth... I could go on.

You know, Mr Ducky's Here, to use one logical fallacy is bad enough, but to somehow pack three in to such a small statement gives insight into your aptitude in the art of fallacy.

No one disagrees with your list of things that are good which makes that a strawman.

Libertarian dipsticks = an ad honminum attack = I can't stand on my own argument so I will attack the character of my opponent.

Protestants do it too is a Tu quoque (you too) fallacy upon which you build your argument on the dichotomy that " [whining] because the syllabus doesn't completely agree with [our] agenda is NOT good" Can we assume then that your complaint ealier that so called "protestant indoctrination" is just as "not good"..., or not...?

This leads us back to square one. So which is it Ducky, is indoctrination good or bad?

I don't expect Ducky to give a straight answer to my question because he can't.

My guess is that he will come up with some other fallacious answer or ad hominum attack in an attempt at distracting us from peering into his equivocating world of dichotomies, contradictions, and paradoxes that appear to rein in the Here, where every that "here" happens to be at any given moment, that Ducky perpetually finds himself.

Anonymous said...

To Ray and others:

Basic English grammar should be taught and fully mastered at the grade school level -- as it was in my day.

Learning to read, understand and love good literature should start early and never stop.

However, writing essays can be about any topic, and giving some honest thought to the issues raised on this list would not be reprehensible in an English course, PROVIDED the students weren't just being conditioned to absorb and then spew leftist propaganda, which is probably the case.

Big subject. My answer is all too brief, but thank you very much for responding, Ray.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

FT..of course that's the case; it's the only reason I blogged it.
This isn't a casual one-off liberal situation a teacher wants to read essays on...Ray spoke to me on the phone; look at all his information...this is absolutely indoctrination which would be kicked OUT by deans, etc., were it Conservative.

Anonymous said...

When my daughter was 16 and in HS, at a Back to School Night for parents only, her english class teacher displayed five books which were to be read and book reports written on. All five were left wing examples of literature.

I can only remember two of the authors, but believe me all five were unimpressive examples of literature. I was stunned.

These two I remember, were Betty Friedan, and Eldridge Cleaver. You know, in the realm of literary giants, they don't make it in my book. These were purely political or sociological movements of the day. This was an english class.

When I asked the teacher, "where is Shakespeare, and Hemingway?", he told me, "they aren't relevant". I answered, "if we're talking about literature, they're always relevant". No other parent said a word.

Having been to other school events such as this I found parents to be strangely silent, until they got outside and then expressed their displeasure. This was 1973.

Regarding your excellent post Z and Ray, I would echo the quotes from Breitbart. It makes you wonder why our children would need parents at all except to produce drones for the left!

Ducky, I can't understand your disdain for Protestants. I don't have disdain for Catholics, and my Portugese ancestors had to flee their homeland, because they weren't Catholic.

You're a bigot. What did Protestants ever do to you?


Anonymous said...

Free Thinker,

I realize conjugating verbs is an elementary English skill learned at a much earlier age.

Hence why I when I spoke to Z I indicated that I thought I was learning the LONG essay.

Essays do require a topic and if there was even an appearance that the topics/subjects were mixed or different perspectives given there would be no problem.

BUT this isn't the case. The required and recommended events revolve around this theme, not just in English class but for the school as a whole. This curriculum (I suggest you click on some of the links provided by Elmers Brother) is integrated into many other subjects. Mr. Hovland is foisting this on many many campuses in the name of educational reform.

Here is an excerpt of his writing that I found interesting:

The United States and Western Europe were de-centered in this curriculum; neatness and
order gave way to mixing and complexity.

The novelty of this call
lay in the decision to encourage curricular conversations about democracy and social
justice that gave sufficient attention to cultural, ethnic/racial, religious, and gender
differences and that recognized that differences often involve profound inequalities. In
this way the initiative raised fundamental questions that appealed to the intellectual
traditions of the academy while also summoning its moral authority.


Anonymous said...

Hence why I when I spoke to Z I indicated that I thought I was learning the LONG essay

I suppose conjugating a verb was a bad example it was just the first thing that came into my head.


Ducky's here said...

You're a bigot. What did Protestants ever do to you?



Well pris it may have something to do with my father's conversion and the fight we got into when he broke my nose.

Actually I would not say I'm bigoted towards all sects. I attended services at a small United Church of Christ congregation in my town.

I was impressed. They run a framer's market, food bank and are quite active locally. Social gospel - you are what you do.

They want to start an evening social with a film program and asked to use loans from my film library. No problem.

Ducky's here said...

Dan ---

Here's the answer. The fact that lectures with topics like Poverty or Haiti are selected does not constitute indoctrination, well unless you are a right winger and think these topics are irrelevant and should be ignored.

Now, if we can have some further comment and it is shown that the topics are presented in an unbiased or false fashion then we have something.

The fact that right wingers are offended when their little Calvinist or Libertarian world views, which they are irresponsible or ignorant enough to think are gospel, are challenged DOES NOT constitute indoctrination. It would costitute education unless it can be shown that there was a serious flaw in the presentation.

Okay Barney, great sig. Watch it, frogburger says my sig is sinister and menacing.

Elmers Brother said...

Here's the answer. The fact that lectures with topics like Poverty or Haiti are selected does not constitute indoctrination, well unless you are a right winger and think these topics are irrelevant and should be ignored.

again that's not the issue duhkkky nobody wants anyone to starve the point is that this curriculum provides no alternative point of view, is not part of a sociology, cultural anthropology or other appropriate class and is part of an integrated curriculum that includes the debasing of western civilization

gosh you're stupid

Z said...

Ducky..great GOSPEL "you are what you do" Show us scripture, or don't call it gospel. man.

and, you don't REALLY believe what you're saying here, do you? Do you purposefully skew what we all write or do you honestly not UNDERSTAND? I'm not kidding. You look at this curriculum, an obviously concerted effort of shoving the prof's leftwinger CRAP down innocent English students' throats, and then accuse me of not believing Hatiai has a colonial past (!) as if that's the POINT of the discussion or anything close to what I said...and then you go on about ..well, it's just scary.

You're joking, right? Just to be devil's advocate? You just CANNOT be this dense.

Anonymous said...

BTW, when I went to high school, ALL the teachers functioned as English teachers. English was considered so vital, so basic, so indispensable that the Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Algebra and Geometry teachers constantly corrected our spelling, grammar, usage, and tried to improve the quality of our syntax.

The School board in my home town would never have hired a teacher who didn't demonstrate a high degree of proficiency in English.

God bless them all! They certainly made my life richer and more productive. In Truth all subjects are related. No body of knowledge is isolated any more than we human beings can live in a vacuum.

Like it or not, EVERYTHING is part of the Whole. That's why the idea of exclusivity is preposterous.

~ FreeThinke