Monday, January 4, 2010

Obama........ I have a speech for you

Obama had mac 'n cheese and mashed potatoes among his Thanksgiving dinner choices so I had to admit that, finally, I admired two things about him this last year. Oh, I also like to add that I think his oldest daughter, Malia, has beauty and poise. Well, I have a third thing I have to admit I approve of and that's that he's starting (please, God) to get tough on Islamists. HERE is a piece on it which is a very good read.

But, it has this in it...."Under these new guidelines, almost every American Muslim who travels to see family or friends or goes on pilgrimage to Mecca will automatically be singled out for special security checks — that's profiling," said Nihad Awad, CAIR's national executive director." Well, I believe that Mr. Obama needs to go yet another step and condemn this type of thinking. I'm pleased with much of what the linked article has to say but he needs to go further:

Here's what I'd write for Mr. Obama were I a speech writer (which I would love to be , by the way): "To the Muslim community around the world, we're sorry that 99% of the terror threats come from your people because we know that not all of you want non-muslims dead and most of you would like to raise your children in peace. Having said that, toward that goal, I would imagine all Muslims who feel this way would not side with CAIR in their chiding of the government's attempts at what might be referred to as 'profiling'. A Muslim in America must put this country first and tell profilers "Please profile me. I have no problem with that because I'm innocent and I want my family and myself to remain free and to remain safe and alive. Before I get on an airplane, I have no problem with being questioned or patted down or anything else the TSA feels necessary to put their minds at rest that I'd never hurt Americans." Please, Muslims, join with us in this fight. THIS is the way to put all Americans' minds at rest. Show us your patriotism, show us your resolve. Turn in Imams who are radicalizing your youth, turn in those in our prisons you have heard are talking against America and for jihad, turn in anybody you feel should be questioned. I will be grateful, America will be grateful. This is the way to stop profiling in the future..........when we might not need to anymore because of your sacrifice today. God bless America" (okay, I can dream, right?)

Why not? Think that makes sense?


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I have no doubt that he's craving comfort food these days!

sue said...

What's his younger daughter?

Chopped liver?

Anonymous said...

Well Z, I'll believe it when we see it.

Just yesterday, Chris Wallace interviewed a security advisor (sorry I can't remember his name) who said, "we hope to get more information from the suspect, Abdullmutallab, when he plea bargains".

Plea bargains? A terrorist? The enemy? I believe a plea bargain is info in return for a lighter sentence, isn't it?

Wow, now that is civilized isn't it? And so much nicer than enhanced interrogation.

This guy is a terrorist. If successful, he would have killed almost 300 people, and he get's to plea bargain?

Furthermore, the last I heard he's being charged with an attempt to blow up an airplane. How about adding to that charge, a terrorist act attempting to kill all those on that airplane.

Yes Z, we can dream can't we? I'll believe it when I see it.

Don't listen to what Obama says, watch what he does. And in this case, he's conforming to kind. Under Obama there is no terrorism, only criminal behavior, with all the rights we have.

I don't think we should allow anyone from those countries on the terror watch list into the country in the first place. Obama may not regard this as war, but it is. It's certain the enemy thinks so!


Law and Order Teacher said...

This is a dream. We got accused of profiling for stopping too many blacks in an area of the city that had over a 98% black population. Profiling is the global warming of law enforcement.

Z said...

Pas, that's probably true!

Sue...she seems overly precocious to me....I just like Malia's demeanor so much the little one pales in comparison.

Z said...

Pris, I think it's Brennan, I couldn't take nearly anything of what he said and I'm hoping these meetings put him in his place and Obama's educated and brought up to the truth. That guy's naivite made me fearful.

sue said...

Well - I guess looks are what counts.

sue said...

Z - I know that Sasha will never know that you think Malia is prettier and has grace and beauty.

My grandaughters are three years apart. The older one is very smart, although the younger one holds her own in sports.

Last summer when they were here I had them each write a poem and I posted it on my blog. My sister-in-law wrote a comment that she liked the older one's the best. They were standing at the computer when I read it, and the younger one was visibly disappointed at my sister-in-law's thoughtless remark.

I guess that's why I am sensitive about comparing two sisters. I try very hard to treat them equally.

But also, I admit to having a 'thing' about pretty. I always think if people comment (including myself) about how pretty someone is, how does that make the person feel that isn't.

Do you see what I mean?

Anonymous said...

We all knew a kid in the class who constantly misbehaved and was forever sent to detention by the teacher. Yet day after day the same kid still misbehaved and couldn't care less what the teacher did to that kid. Until one day the teacher decided to punish the entire class for the bad kids misbehavior and unwillingness to change.

So it must be with the entire muslim nations. We must be able to say we can't trust any of you despite your prostrations that "99%" of us are "peaceful" We must realize that we have no way to sort out the baddies from the..."moderates". Was there a way to sort out the "good" Germans from the bad Germans? Or the "good" Japanese from the warriors? No there wasn't. We treated them all the same. Subjected them to all to the same rules as enemy combatants...until they proved otherwise.

Likewise...we must and should ban all muslim travel to the US from any muslim country that harbors, tolerates or trains murderous extremists. Period.

No muslims from any of these 25 or so muslim nations will be allowed visas, plane tickets or access to American soil. Let alone colleges and universities. Period.

When they realize that the unruly, unteachable miscreants among them hurt them all....they will inevitably turn against the bastards that have caused them to suffer for the few sins of the minority.

I know that when "Harry" got us all into detention...we beat the snot out of "Harry" until he got the message. So it must be that there's a price to pay for muslim ambivalence and lack of condemnation of their fellow muslims. Until that time...they are all complicit!

WomanHonorThyself said...

There are no moderates Z..they have proven that for decades..they will never assist our or any other NON musslim govt!

Z said...

Sue, I didn't only mention beauty.
Look, I don't know these kids and looks and demeanor are all I have to go by. I happen to think Malia's lovely.....
I'm one of many sisters, there isn't anything anybody could tell me about sister love or sister competition; all of us are each others' beat friends and I believe a little good clean competition makes us stronger as adults, not that Sasha is ever going to hear Z doesn't think she's as graceful as Malia. I would NEVER EVER mention someone's beautiful when someone else is standing next to them. I refrain from giving compliments to one if I don't have a particular one for the other, either. Of course I know what you mean.
Geeez, I happen to think Malia's lovely. Sasha's a precocious "LOOK AT MEEE!" kid.... that's all...just my opinion.

Imp...that's my point; I believe if more muslims STOOD UP more and more WOULD stand up and condemn the islamists among them....that can only be a good thing...a step further than we are now, that's for SURE.
I think we should stop ALL immigration for FIVE YEARS. Catch our breath; review immigration laws, find out who's here illegally and boot them out TOMORROW. Once our ducks are in a row, start a sane, America-first immigration system; what a relief that would be. But the Dems can't allow that..they've got to groom the "freebies, please" immigrants and get them voting.

sue said...

z - When I read that I thought you were trying to bait me.

sue said...

You know, from the last time we had the 'pretty' discussion.

Joe said...

I liked your speech, but don't hold your breath...President BO will never get tough on Islamic Terrorists.

BTW: Whatever you do, don't call Sue "a nice person." She scolded me for thinking that of her.

Don;t tell her I said so, but I still think she spite of herself.

Amd you are quite right, Malia does indeed have poise and beauty. Unless Sue tells her, however, her younger sister will never know you think that, 'cause she is very unlikely to read your post.

Z said...

Joe, I know Sue'll keep it my secret!:-)

Sue. I wouldn't do that. Of course I had remembered our discussion re: that, but I just had to be honest and 'fess up again that there ARE 3 things I do admire about Obama (smile), not only 2 !! Emailing/commenting doesn't always convey the intent or motivation, does it.


Anonymous said...

The chopped liver thread is on the food blog, not this one.


Anonymous said...

Where do you get off telling Obama what he should say? Nobody, but the teleprompter in chief, does that.


Z said...

tio....I wouldn't be surprised if Sue used that CHOPPED LIVER for that reason; I thought she had :-)

As for me telling Obama what to say instead of the teleprompter? I'm hoping my prompting isn't as high as the teleprompter's, so he doesn't look QUITE so haughty as he looks down on us.

sue said...

Hey - Don't talk about me as if I'm not in the room.

Ducky's here said...

Why not? Think that makes sense?


No. You want apparently want to profile on the basis of a single descriptive variable - Islamic.

Grossly inefficient and effective.

Why not just invade Yemen and Somalia, you'll feel better.

Z said...

Ducky...Freudian slip? "No. You want apparently want to profile on the basis of a single descriptive variable - Islamic.

Grossly inefficient and effective."

Effective, that's for sure.
As I said in the speech, if you'd read it, this would be a big step for American muslims; come clean, tell non muslims you, too, would like your family safe and, if it takes a little inconvenience for you and yours for a while, so be it. Shouldn't be that tough to understand, Ducky.

When we have UNprofiling which prompted the Ft Hood shootings, we have big problems due to people like you who just don't understand.

Anonymous said...

Ducky, may I remind you we're all going to be profiled this year, and that's called the census.

The long form has the following question: "What time do you leave your home to go to work?".

Another: "How long does it take you to get to work?".

Since the White House took it over, I'd like to know what they intend to do with it.

The Constitution requires only enumeration. Period.

So save your worry about profiling. We're all profiled every time we fill out a form or answer questions through the census. Children in school are profiled, did you know that? Yep.

So what's the big deal about profiling potential terrorists?


Anonymous said...

Thomas Sowell touches on profiling in "Knowledge and Decisions". Immigrant groups seen as outsiders are often painted with a single brush. I think he used the Chinese in America as an example. The Chinese knew that they would be judged by the actions of others within their community. As a result, the community would hold its members responsible; thus, crime rates, etc. for the immigrant community would be lower than those for the majority population. I'm not sure that principle still applies.


Z said...

Pris..some Leftwingers think we need to give our Constitutional rights to terrorists; can we be surprised that they think it's fine to profile US but not those acting to kill us?

tio...People did govern themselves and SHAME was still popular...Oh, for the good ol' days.