Saturday, January 30, 2010

Obama's statement about the Supreme Court and its latest decision was WRONG.........

.......if you, too, were confused about how he was wrong, READ's also another glimpse into the liberal media.

UPDATE: I just saw THIS article critical of the Court's decision. It's informative, too, and I want to be fair and show more on the issue. Do you have any thoughts on this?

(thanks, Gail)


I Ain't Got No Blog said...

Last night I had the funniest vision. Barack Obama was running around the White House in his Pajamas clicking coconuts together and singing The Banana Boat Song.

Day-o, Day-ay-ay-o
Daylight come and me wan' go home.

Anonymous said...

I know the provision that was struck down had adversely affected groups like the NRA, 60 days previous to a federal election.

Citizen's United had a political film banned by the FEC, based on that provision. That is a free speech issue and had to be rectified.

There may be a fine line when it comes to foreign money, but some American groups were kept out of the election process because of that provision.

Now, before someone who opposes this decision get's too high and mighty, let's not forget the Clinton administration's dance with China and it's involvement with campaign money.

There'll always be those who are corrupt enough to find ways around our laws, but you can't punish law abiding American interests and take away free speech rights because of a few bad apples.

The FEC chose not to examine Obama's money raising, which seemed to be rather complex, and untrackable. We'll never know, will we.

Whatever methods were used, it's interesting that the Democrats are so upset at this ruling. After all these are folks who just bribed politicians for votes. They wouldn't do anything wrong, would they?


Z said...

Oh, man, Pris, I forgot that Clinton/China thing, mostly because the media downplayed it so much very few people heard about it.
You're so right. And yes, the FEC did nothing to check into the accusations against Obama.....ACORN, etc. ZILCH.
somehow, it all just 'goes away'..the power of the media, I guess.

I Ain't Got No Blog..that's an insult to the wonderfully talented Harry Belafonte! :-)

Ducky's here said...

Let's see, so Toyata of America which trades on the New York Stock exchange and has American management and is incorporated in America and any other similarly constructed company can't make unlimited campaign contributions?


Anonymous said...

So Ducky, you're against giving foreign terrorists constitutional rights and trying them in civilian courts?

You see two can play this game.

The difference is, in the instance of campaign reform you can't abrogate freedom of speech for Americans in order to guard against foreign subterfuge.

The law against money from foreign nationals wasn't touched. That it is done anyway, is the fault of non-enforcement which lies with officials whose job it is to do so.

Z, I watched those hearings on the money from China. What an ugly episode that was from the Clinton administration.


Z said...

Ducky, I think that's nuts, too. Of course any company doing big and steady business here should be able to contribute to campaigns.
BUT, then again, I think lobbyists ought to go, so maybe not.

In Germany, they give AN AMOUNT to the candidates and the candidates have fairly rigid tests by which to merit this money (percentage of people behind them, can't be some tiny splinter group)...and there are no's pretty clean there.

I'd like to see that here.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

If Mr Obama is such a GOD, then HOW did a much-hallowed and revered Constitutional Scholar such as The One MIX UP the Declaration with the USC??


Anonymous said...

Someone ought to be brave enough to call a spade a spade, and tell this jug-eared mountebank The JIG is UP.

The pun just slipped out unconsciously, but ain't it a beauty?

I'm so offended I'm LONG past caring if I offend anyone.

It's high time we angry white males got back a little of our own.

A new slogan:

Progressivism CREATES Racism.

~ FreeThinke

beamish said...

Progressivism IS racism.