Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't you just love a good HYPOCRITE?

No HYPOCRISY HERE, right? :-)

I can protect MY HOME, but you can't protect YOUR HOME......because YOU shouldn't have a GUN. Leftwing Senators can handle them, but don't let ordinary Americans protect THEIR property!
Most of the accounts of this story say that this guy's name is R.C. Soles and he's a Senator from North Carolina..........but, they don't say "Democratic Senator from North Carolina, R.C. Soles shot and hurt an intruder today....."

Well...I'm sure that, had it been a Republican, they'd not identify his party in the early parts of the article, either (ya, right)
By the gun friends tell me ammunition's hard to get and prices have gone sky high. I guess that this gov't might not be able to get us unarmed but they SURE can get us un-ammo'd, huh?


Anonymous said...

This man has been a State Senator for 32 years. Too long for him to identify with regular folks.

Elitism is a huge problem in this country, among politicians, both at the State and federal levels.

They like to talk about the haves and the have nots. Well,that applies to rights as well as money.

There should be no right which is exclusive. The 2nd Amendment applies to every law abiding citizen, regardless of position in life.

This is hypocrisy and a double standard which are unAmerian when it comes to rights, and laws.

Z, you're right about the need for term limits as you have repeatedly mentioned. Too long a time in a political seat, insures an attitude of privilege in the incumbent and also insures resentment on the part of the people.

It's unhealthy for a nation and the relatonship between the politician and his constituents.
Name recognition in many cases keeps those votes rolling in and money from special interests who are too comfortable in their role in insuring their power.

This is yet another example of a politician who has lost touch with the people and believes he is held above the rights all of us should be availed of.

It's time we stop tolerating this arrogance of the powerful and vote these bums out of office.


beamish said...

Reminds me of the laughably alleged "zero tolerance weapons-free" schools chock full with students carrying sharp pencils and rings of keys they could drop in a sock to make a respectfully lethal bludgeon weapon. (You might not be able to hijack a plane with such improvisation, but you could stop a hijacker)

Good on the Senator for proactively defending his home.

I'd be interested in seeing how this Senator voted on gun legislation in the past, and how he will in the future.

MK said...

Definitely Z, in places like Britain, Australia etc, you'll get lots of leftist scum masquerading as politicians going around tut-tutting at peasants demanding the right to protect themselves.

They off course have armed guards because you know, gun control had rid our nations of all guns and it's so very safe for everyone.

I still remember a british politician, leftist pustule off course, walking around her neighborhood wearing a stab-proof vest and with 4 police officers with her telling her constituents that she had done so much to reduce crime and that they should feel safe and secure. Yes, really.

Chuck said...

Notice this happened in August? Wonder if the media would have been ask quiet about it if it were a Republican? The info I saw when I did a quick search gives the impression he was anti-gun.

Remember in 1988 Carl Rowan was a columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and a hard core anti-gun advocate. He shot a teenager with a unregistered hand gun because the kid was taking a swim in his backyard.

Name one issue in which libs feel they need to live as they want others to.

Z said...

Pris, I think it's unAmerican, too....absolutely. But, I think our MEDIA and our TEACHERS are also unAmerican; Americans aren't perfect, but to see American journalists SO bias in their reporting and to see teachers indoctrinating THEIR politics into kids instead of giving them both sides, even giving bad grades for NOT regurgitating their politics, IS UNAMERICAN and we will not survive with this attitude; how many times do we Conservatives have to say we want FAIRNESS not CONSERVATIVE BIAS?
Teach our kids TO THINK not what they're getting now, and brother, are they getting some bad stuff.

A third grader came home to his mother a few weeks ago saying that he needed help with a paper on Buddhism...She found they're doing a THREE WEEK COURSE on Buddhism in his school, memorizing chants and learning all about Buddha.
This is the school where she'd volunteered to help at Christmas time and read a story about Christmas and the teacher went to get the Principal who came and told her to stop. Then she said "Could I at least read THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS..that's pretty secular!" "NO".

But, let them teach BUDDHISM, right? I'm thinking about getting involved in THIS one, at least giving money to help that woman gear up for a law suit.......AND, this California broke school system is PAYING THIS GUY to teach Buddhism in the schools. Can you tell me how important it is to PAY a guy to teach third graders THAT?
Off topic, but I think my point's made?

Chuck, it did happen in August..and yes, imagine if a Republican had done something THIS hypocritical. I'd never heard your handgun story.

Beamish, I can't imagine an America where we need to have to worry about keys in socks and sharp pencils.
When school started in Sept, I couldn't wait! I loved the sharp pencils and new paper and it never crossed my mind to HURT somebody with that pencil!

MK: that is TOO MUCH! That really HAPPENED? See? They're stupid AND delusional AND IN CHARGE!


beamish said...


You and I and most other people would never think to stab someone with a pencil or beat someone to death with a sock holding a bundle of keys.

There are so many ways to circumvent "safety" measures, and yet, when you outlaw guns, it'll be us law-abiders protecting ourselves with pencils and key-filled socks against the outlaws with guns.

A passion for self-defense means you'll turn anything into a weapon if you have to.

Brooke said...

OMG, ammo is hard to find and hard to afford right now, for certain!

Yes, the elitists live by a code that we cannot. Hypocrisy, thy name is liberal.

Z said...

Ya, and I went on a tangent, Beamish, talking about our kids today, etc., after you brought up the sharp pencils, etc..
I get your point and that you weren't specifically accusing kids of this, but it got me thinking about kids because I've heard of a stabbing of a principal by a kid at a Catholic school and this is happening more and more and it makes you wonder.

Anyway...what did you think of 3 weeks of Buddhist training in an American public school? Do any of YOU remember this happening when you were in school? So, WHY? WHY is this happening?

RE: the kids; again, Beamish, I know you're not saying kids do this like I am, but since when did killing or maiming a teacher come into play when one's feelings are hurt or a grade's bad? How low have we come?

Law and Order Teacher said...

Thankfully in my school the indoctrination isn't prevalent. Most of the teachers play it straight up and that's the way it should be done. I realize there are a lot of schools that don't and the NEA and its state affiliates are at the forefront.

The NEA actually advised teachers they should Saul Alinsky. I opted out of the union because of "training" like this.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Forgot the word "read." Sorry.

Z said...

LAW AND ORDER: The NEA 'advised' that and none of your teachers have alerted the national media? This made me so mad I just had to ask you this. Aren't they alerting the American public?

Did you see what I wrote about Buddhism? Can you imagine a public school going into 3 weeks of Christian training?
Texas is considering removing the word Christmas from textbooks and excluding Christopher Columbus totally.......
If they took RAMADAN out, can you imagine what the reaction would be?

We have to fight. Alinsky is exactly what our media and our teachers are practicing; they first set up Conservatives (since, I believe, Joe McCarthy, who many now say..including some of the children of his accuseds..was absolutely right) and now ANYTHING Conservatives is viewed as wrong. Very cunning.
I believe the only reason Conservatives MIGHT still continue to win for a short while in this country is MONEY, people want to protect their money.
And, I believe that if SOros had waited to promote Obama 10 more years, enough of our dear elderly who actually love this country and understand our constitution, would have been dead and, obviously, unable to raise the ruckus they are now about health would have gone into legislation so easily in 10 years.

I could say more but what's the point? I'd love to hear if ANY of your teachers fought about the Alinsky thing or are we really going to let this happen so willingly?
Thanks for coming by xxx

Z said...

Law and Order..I thought by leaving READ out you were sort of using Saul Alinsky as a noun, you see my point?
Well, I stick to my comment :-)

beamish said...

I made a hippy music teacher cry once when she made me write a paper on why I didn't think not misbehaving 4th grade music class was important, then made the mistake of making me get up and read it to the class (without reading what I had to say beforehand) to attempt to humiliate me. I made that one backfire.

Was the beginning of my leftie-bashing writing for effect, I think. ;)

But no, attacking a teacher over a grade is just psycho.

As for 3 weeks of Buddhist training in school, I can think of far worse things to learn about than Buddhism, but no, it has no place in a public school.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Completely typical of most politicians, on both sides of the aisle -- though I must say, predominantly by Demorats.


But have we considered this: the political elites have precisely what us Groundlings do not: they are kept apart and insulated from crime and the Real World by dint of money, position, security, station.


Z said...

Beamish, my problem with the Buddhism in schools thing is that it's THREE WEEKS and they'd not even allow THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS be read to the 3rd graders by a mother at Christmas.
The amazingly obvious attempt at dissing Christianity while promoting a philosophy like Buddhism, which should be discussed but not more than any other philosophy, is what's, quite literally, kind of scary.

BZ...then it's about time this elitist Democrat got a taste of what normal people do face and had to defend his home.

shoprat said...

The elitists don't want us to protect ourselves because we're not worth protecting. Not in their eyes anyway.

Anonymous said...

Z, it's off the main topic, but...
at Christmas, my son's Kindy teacher asked me to come read to the class.

I chose three books. One was a condensed version of the Christmas story out of Luke. Those little kids were mesmerized! Totally enthralled!

Teacher gave me a quick grin indicating that she was glad I chose that book (but probably also glad that I didn't ask permission first).

The other two books were popular secular books with little or no substance, just 'feel good' sentiment. The kids were fidgety and fussy and didn't listen well.

Z said...

Jen, what a great story!!
Thanks for cheering me up with GOOD NEWS!
What would you do if your 3rd grader came home saying they're having an outside paid person teaching them all about Buddhism, memorizing chants, etc., for 3 weeks?

We've become lost as a nation almost exponentially as we've tried to kick God can anybody not see that? :-)

Anonymous said...

I'd claim some kind of religous exemption and tell the teacher that we would not be attending those three weeks (just as Jehovah's Witnesses don't have to participate in certain public school activities). I'd ask for the teacher to organize my child's lessons (minus the Buddhism lessons), and we'd complete them at home. We've homeschooled before, no biggie!

Thankfully, we live in a district that wouldn't try to pull this kind of garbage, but I do know of one nearby that would.
Our teachers and administrators still walk that fine line when it comes to bureaucracy and common sense. They usually err on the side of common sense.

Here's what I don't get: they seem to want it both ways. All this hot air on 'separation of church and state, yet teaching for weeks and weeks on Buddhism?? Why not just not teach about any religions? Why not focus more on geography??

Z said...

Jen, you make such a good point.
When I was in elementary school, we sure didn't learn about ANY religion..what is the point, especially in the 3rd grade?
Remember we used to start getting that stuff as college electives like COMPARATIVE RELIGIONS..COol, teach it THERE...but this situation I outlined in my comment further up is C R A Z Y...I believe it's intentional, I believe it's ideological and I believe we are going down hill faster than the rain's falling down here right now..and that is FAST and HARD!

RightKlik said...

Lefty Dems generally lack principle and rarely hold themselves or each other accountable.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who breaks in someone else's home or enters without authorization should be summarily executed on the spot. Period!

Such a policy would teach a lot of people a lesson we all need to learn: PRIVATE PROPERTY is SACROSANCT.

I happen to be the Number One Fan of Bernard Goetz Remember him?

~ FreeThinke