Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blackwater ain't over yet, folks.........Biden bows to Iraq

I can't comment on this because my blog would be shut down for indecency. Do you ever feel like crying or breaking something (for you men who might not cry as much as I do!) when you read stuff like THIS?

Also, please check out the Mort Zuckerman article's excellent.


Joe said...

The more we know about the bunch of liberal progressives in Washington DC, the more we realize how, not just anti-American they are, but how aggressively determined they are to destroy America.

Z said...

Joe, it sure does feel like that to me, too. This unsettles me ... there's plenty of evidence on both sides to make a case and a decision was made in our favor...when did we stop erring on OUR SIDE?

Z said...

Joe, I see your point, I really do, but he did say these two things amongst others:

"This health-care plan is going to be a fiscal disaster for the country. Most of the country wanted to deal with costs, not expansion of coverage. This is going to raise costs dramatically."

"Let me tell you what a major leader said to me recently. “We are convinced,” he said, “that he is not strong enough to confront his enemy. We are concerned,” he said “that he is not strong to support his friends.”"

Stronger on fighting the enemy is GOOD, and DEALING WITH COSTS is what I sure preferred Congress do if they were going to do anything to health care...

Yes, I hear a lot of disappointed libs and get excited until I hear "and Obama's not liberal enough"! but I think Zuckerman's waking up to something bigger. I sure hope so.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be off topic Z

I just read your comment on my blog..
No "Z", I didn't remove it nor did I see it.
Sorry about that, I can't explain what could have happened.

Anonymous said...

F-CK the Iraqis!

Who the H-ll do they think they are?

We rid them of a tyrant who put people feet first into CHIPPER SHREDDERS in from of their families, who had women systematically RAPED in front of their husbands and we let these incompetent bastards quibble about the way OUR people choose to protect US in that hostile environment.

Biden and that whole bunch of legalistic, whey-faced morons who are running Washington today should all be put feet first into chipper shredders after they've been forced to watch their wives raped repeatedly by teams of Iraqi thugs.

The only cure for the mental illness that is liberalism would be a heavy dose of REALITY.

If we did not go into Iraq to TAKE OVER and DICTATE terms, we had no business going there at all.

~ FreeThinke

Ducky's here said...

Well. even though we know you can't go letting these wogs step out of line, letting mercenaries blow away a couple dozen innocent people is a bit much.

They should plea this down to an excessive force rap. It would have been easy enough to send mustang over to read Rudyard Kipling to them and let those A-rabs know whose boss.

Z said...

thanks, Joe, I didn't think so, but...!
I encourage everyone to go read your blog and make it a habit! (after mine, of course :-) heh heh point is ERRING ON OUR SIDE. Two sides gave evidence, the judge ruled, and this administration has to cave to the's astonishing.

Ducky, when you can prove 'mercenaries' blew people up, let us know.
I keep thinking of our soldiers blown up by 'those wogs'' bombs...ya, doesn't seem to bother the left as much as Abu Ghraib or Blackwater, does it.

Mustang could KICK them into shape, Kipling or no Kipling.
By the way...what was that poll taken in Afghanistan ...something like 4 of 5 of them want us there?
Too bad the media doesn't CROW about that as much as they did about Abu Ghraib, too.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess the Blackwater guards could've let U.S. diplomats just get blown away. Or taken some bullets for Barack!

The implication here is the guards just decided to kill innocent people for no reason. What bunk!

To think the case was dismissed, and the administration is going to appeal? Another bow by the President to a muslim leader.

This time at the cost of Americans who defended themselves and those they were guarding.

Will this administration ever take our side in anything? An American federal judge dismissed the case. If we can't stand up for our own under these circumstances, when will we?

The Iraqi President should have been told, "our justice system has reached a decision, and we stand by it. It is not for you to decide what American justice should be. We've lost over 4000 men and women here fighting for your country, and thousands more maimed for life. We will be responsible for our own, and this case is over"!

And Ducky, don't you dare joke about this. It is in no way funny.
What the hell is the matter with you?

These Blackwater guards are there so that the military won't have to do this duty. They are part of the military effort there.

I'm still waiting for the "commander in chief" to stand by his men and those working in a war zone. Of course he did say in his book, "if things get ugly, I'll stand with the muslims".

My God, to resurrect this case is unbelievable, when all they had to do is let it rest.


Anonymous said...

When in hostile territory where the enemy wears no uniforms and mixes freely with the general population the only sane policy is to assume that everyone is GUILTY until proven innocent -- even if that happens after they're DEAD.

But, as I said earlier, if we did NOT go there to take over, we had no business going over at ALL.

Prosecuting our OWN is insupportable, UNLESS this "war" really WAS a sham in the first place, and even then it would only be the higher ups who should be held responsible.

Mercenary or volunteer when in hostile territory Yours not to reason why; yours but to do or die.

We put a gun to our kids' heads and send them intoi battle onlty to PROSECUTE them for doing their dury as best they can?


Send the lawyers and social workers to fight the next war and see how far we get.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

OH, FT....WELL SAID. Send Geithner and Gibbs and see what they run for their lives, hiding behind Blackwater employees.

Pris, it's sad, isn't it? Yes, we're on THEIR SIDE now. This wasn't an open/close case, it sounds like it was pretty evenly persuasive on either side; But the Iraqis said "NO" and we RUN.
This is the new America...Chavez acting up, N Korea, China, Russia, etc etc....we have NO standing anymore.
Removing the missile shields was our last ace in the hole with Russia and this Blackwater thing shows Americans are SO EAGER to ($(@*#$&# their OWN.
God help us ALL

Anonymous said...

Admirably stated, Pris. You make the same points I tried to make, but said it better.

I just CAN"T STAND the way we beat up our OWN -- particularly after putting them in the line of fire.

As I've said many times, our religious, cultural and ethnic (i.e. Caucasian) SUICIDE seems to be the primary objective of the liberal mentality.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

Thanks FT. I can't stand it either. I'm sickened by this.

Z, I know but, there will always be Iraqi "witnesses" who are all too happy to accuse us of firing first, or killing innocents.

As for Chavez, did you hear he accused America of causing the earthquake in Haiti?

Yes folks we have a doomsday earthquake machine. Just what we wanted, an earthquake in that country which is such a threat to America! Yep. It's all our doing! Who knew?


Anonymous said...

Seems like everyone here is opposed to abortion..the murder of innocent children...unborn babies. So the worst abortionist, Teller of Kansas, can't be stopped until he's executed in a church ( imagine the hubris of this bastard stepping foot in a church when he's a bloody killer!! ?? ). Stopped the bastard for murdering any more babies, didn't it? So I see his killer as a hero...not nuts..he knew that the only way to stop this murdering bastard was to stop the murderer, right? Was he supposed to wait for the courts, or some judge, a governor...or the ACLU to stop / condemn his murders? No..hell no. That's whats wrong with America now. We know what's right...we know what's wrong..yet we stand by and let it happen cause we're afraid of some PC, progressive backlash..or worst yet...we'll be called a ...a "teabagger" by some queer, tranvestitite like matthews or Olby?

Now...we have Biden..the vice goddamn president of the US...apologizing for these Blackwater heros for killing muslim, murdering scum and sending them home to their pedophile rapist deity? WTF? It's as if during WW2 we prosecuted and jailed every airman of every B17 that bombed Berlin or Dresden...cause there might have been...some "innocent" civilians? This is not how we annihilate an enemy...and muslims are our enemy. Fully 55% of Americans either don't trust them..or just plain don't like the bastards. Need we wonder why? Muslims...need to be locked up...denied access to the US and killed when they fire AK47's at anyone from the West. Personally...I despise and hate muslims. So don't give me this crap that there are "good" muslims. They all need to be punished until they clean up their own.

Anonymous said...

Is there any evidence, Anonymous, that Matthews and Olbermann are "Queer" or "Transvestites?" And what if they were?

Such excessive, over-heated speculation takes credibility away from the other aspects of your statements that may well be true.

Whenever we confuse sexual orientation or the private sex practices of individuals with the quality of their performance or their political opinions, we're on dangerous ground. It's like comparing apples to wooden blocks -- or something equally absurd.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

"Is there any evidence..."

Spoken like a true PC'r. And your one to talk about...overheated my friend.

Z said...

Pris, imagine believing Iraqi witnesses over Americans? I don't give a DAMN if the Americans are DEAD WRONG....we seem to be PURPOSEFULLY bending over and taking it just so America looks NICE and OPEN MINDED and SO ready to condemn OURSELVES.
Odd, isn't it, that this president's done NOTHING to help in that regard when the leftwingers thought his being NICE would bring our enemies around; NO. These are idiots who don't understand the Arab mind: POWER and PRIDE are everything....they laugh at our KINDNESS as it's a show of weakness. Where the hell is our intel who should KNOW these things.
I have family members who know that culture, TRUST me on this..I've never heard anything to dissuade me...Except that islamists living here and who are open minded, as the generation progress, get away from that mindset. If that isn't a sign our culture's better, I don't know what is.

Anonymous, I don't like that talk here and ask you to stop it. You can tell your truth but we don't use queer here......actually, since it's up to me, some people CAN use it but your context bothers me and other commenters and since it's my blog, I'll ask you to stop.

This isn't about PC, this is about your speculation.

Anonymous said...'s your blog and I'll abide by your wishes. However, I just thought that it was more widely acceptable than other common ones? And...wasn't there a show on Bravo using the same noun in the name of the show? Some may think it disparaging, although many use it openly.

Websters says:"Over the past two decades, an important change has occurred in the use of queer in sense 2d. The older, strongly pejorative use has certainly not vanished, but a use by some gay people and some academics as a neutral or even positive term has established itself. This development is most noticeable in the adjective but is reflected in the corresponding noun as well. The newer use is sometimes taken to be offensive, especially by older gay men who fostered the acceptance of gay in these uses and still have a strong preference for it.

Again...mea culpa.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

He can appeal but I don't believe he'll get anywhere. The judge creating the ruling predicated the ruling, if Joe actually took the time to READ it, but upon PROCEDURE and not necessarily on the merits of it in the light of actions. In their attempt to string up Blackwater with alacrity, the judge indicated that procedures, applicable to all, were abrogated. There is little on its face to appeal, save from that of an agenda.


Z said...

But, ANonymous, Matthews is married and has children and to call him homosexual is wrong, too..factually and in terms of not calling someone names.
thanks for your apology; I'll never put a list of words verboten at geeeeeZ on this blog, but I do say on my sidebar I'll delete anything that's 'delete provoking'..I guess it's a tone, and Queer in this instance bugged me. It's a pejorative any way you look at it, isn't it...

Thanks. hard this administration FIGHTS to appeal this so err on Iraq's side will be telling, won't it. It LITERALLY makes my stomach turn even thinking of this disgusting story. I'm so ashamed of Obama and his hate-America thugs. They might have 'inherited' a bad economy, WE inherited a president I can't stand to LOOK AT.

Deborah on the Bayside said...

This fits with the Prez's executive order a week before Christmas - you already blogged on it. Just another step in getting on the international bandwagon (Cameroon and Zimbabwe did it, so we have to?) that degrades American sovereignty -- like this move. Joe's right.

[RECAP if anyone missed it: He gave Interpol here the full privileges and immunities extended to foreign diplomats. Prior rules gave them some privileges but made them subject to the same constitutional limits as American police agencies (4th amendment, that kind of thing). Clinton watered the rules down. But Obama put them above that.]

Freedomnow said...

Terrorists hide behind civilians in order to incur casualties, as what happened in this incident.

The only way that justice can truly be served is by prosecuting terrorists for their crimes. The terrorists are the problem.