Monday, January 11, 2010

Profiling....let's hope they've learned

What's really important is that we stop the party bickering. Do you know I actually heard a Democrat complaining about the attacks on OBAMA? Are they KIDDING? While trying not to do what I caution against in the first sentence, how can they do this with a straight face when Bush got slammed 1000% harder than Obama's ever dreamt of? Also, what's with blaming Bush for letting Yemenis go home when he'd have preferred to keep them all back when the Left pushed and pushed to release detainees? WOW. BUT....if we don't stop the blame game, the country's going to be attacked as the terrorists watch us put party before safety.
Another note I just had to add was I was SO impressed with David Gregory Sunday morning having Andrea Mitchell, Liberal, and Stephen Hayes from the Weekly Standard on by themselves. "Good," I thought..."finally, they're having a two-sided conversation, the Left and the refreshing, good for NBC!" Then, I realized it was not Hayes, it was Chuck Todd, liberal NBC White House Correspondent. They look so much alike they could have been separated at birth. Well.........I THOUGHT there was hope for NBC, but, alas....
( my Christian commenters, please read the Sunday Faith Blog addition on the Muslim baptism......wonderful stuff xxx)


Anonymous said...

I finally learned what Harry Reid said abut Barack Obma that sparked the recent hysteria.

He said, "Obama is a light-skinned African-American male who talks without any trace of a Negro accent.."

I never imagine myself supporting Hairy Reid in anything he might say, but I support him in this. There are only two parts to Reid's statement that are the least but questionable:

1) Obama is an African-American. He's half-White and half-Negro to be sure, but the question of his country of origin is still in play, since so far he has failed to produce a legitimate copy of his American birth certificate. So, we don't know for certain whether he's an African American by birth or just a Mulatto produced by the illicit, non-love affair of a wayward American white girl, trained by her parents to sleep only with men of color, and an opportunistic Kenyan.

2) Obama does, indeed, talk with recognizable traces of a Negro accent. It comes out very noticeably when he's trying to rouse the rabble element when he's addressing predominantly Negro crowds.

Should Harry Reid be fired for mentioning Obma's mulatto status or his part-Negro origins?

I don't think so!

Negro is not a term of insult and derision, it was not deliberately conjured up to would, shock or hurt. It is a perfectly legitimate term used to describe dark-skinned people of African origin.

The Marxian activists have worked long and hard to turn utterance of the term Negro into a "fighting" word -- a "dirty" word -- to make it TABOO.

Well, it never has and never will work for me. I don't say N-I-G-G-E-R, because my mother would have washed my mouth out with Kirk's soap, if I had. N-I-G-G-E-R really i a term of derision, a word that connotes ill opinion, worthlessness, and profound disrespect.

But there's nothing wrong with calling Ebonics by its correct name. Ebonics is, whether you like it or not, a NEGBRO DIALECT.

We HAVE to be able to talk TRUTHFULLY about what is and what isn't, or very soon we shall no longer be able to talk at ALL.

~ FreeThinke

Chuck said...

I noticed Obama said in his speech he did not want to point fingers over the crotch bomber. Wonder where those fingers would have been pointing?

Ducky's here said...

Do you know I actually heard a Democrat complaining about the attacks on OBAMA? Are they KIDDING?

"A democrat", "are they kidding"?

Something isn't in agreement.

The word for the day, z, is "anecdotal".

Always On Watch said...

if we don't stop the blame game, the country's going to be attacked as the terrorists watch us put party before safety


Always On Watch said...

The word for the day, z, is "anecdotal"

Well, an anecdote is one acceptable way of developing a thesis statement. See any handbook on composition.

Ducky's here said...

Mrs. Alan Greenspan is a "liberal".

z, this crew is so far right they can't see the center.

Of course I'm still waiting for your definition of "conservative". I suspect, I don't know for certain, that it involves accepting the ludicrous idea of American exceptionalism with America as a stand in for Israel until the temple is rebuilt.

Brooke said...


Frip! Frick! Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot?!?

Along comes Ducky, the official "move along, nothing to see here, just another isolated incident" voice for the left...


Z said...

FT...I know how you feel about NEGRO and it might be perfectly acceptable in every way to you but, as you know, I don't like it.
Most Blacks (even Black Conservative friends) don't like it; that's good enough for me. They also don't like African America, by the way.
I don't like that even MORE than's divisive and stupid. Colin Powell is NOT African American, but I have white friends from S Africa who ARE, so it doesn't really say a thing.
We are ALL AMERICANS..Black and White.
What bugged ME was when I heard a leader of the NAACP on FOX this morning saying Reid spoke awkwardly but acceptably to them. And then he says "Obama DOES speak "Well" with white Audiences...and can speak to blacks another way"
Oh, Mr's speaking WELL to speak WHITE? Well, I think so, too, but did you HEAR YOURSELF? And the damned FOX guy Bill Hemmer didn't catch it and comment...:-(

Chuck...the fingers would be doing a U Turn. many times do I need to tell you this is not a site which talks about Israel and the Temple and I won't have you here suggesting I do...and being derisive to it, anyway? STOP.
Also, I'm not at all sure you know what you wrote...Yes, I heard LEFTISTS talking about slams on Obama and OH, so upset! The same leftists who crow over Tony Snow's death, know, the types at the blogs you get for your talking points here.
Who gives a damn about Mrs Greenspan? She's one of the jokes on Meet the Press yesterday...3 liberals talking..WHAT a fascinating talk show! NBC doesn't even blush.
By the way "anecdotal"? Don't you watch or read ANY NEWS? true about Ducky. He's getting to sound more and more like his hero Robt Gibbs. (OH! I can't say THAT, he never said that, but it's okay for him to label US)

Always..I don't do a lot of anecdotal here, I google tons before publishing and watch and hear a lot of news, but you're right.

Ducky's here said...

Sigh, Eric Rohmer has died.

Cinema has lost its last great conservative. Wonder if the media will even take notice of the passing of this great, great director.

Pity a large portion of his catalog is out of print but if you have Netflix do yourself a favor and get My Night at Maude's or Chloe in the Afternoon.

Z said...;_ylt=Ah9aCyPZE6i3poRUubAOlsBbbBAF;_ylu=X3oDMTNicWVibnF1BGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwMTExL3VzX2JsYWdvamV2aWNoX2VzcXVpcmUEY2NvZGUDbW9zdHBvcHVsYXIEY3BvcwM0BHBvcwM0BHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDYmxhZ29qZXZpY2hp

Blogojevich goes to town in the above link...He's "Blacker" than Obama, he says. Also, he reminds us Obama was only elected on HOPE and all he is is what the teleprompter says.
Well, let's see how much the WH gives this guy to keep quiet during his upcoming trial, then he'll be back pedaling to the bank and NOT to jail. Watch for it.

Debbie said...

They did not care about stopping the blame game when Bush was in office.

Right Truth

MK said...

" can they do this with a straight face when Bush got slammed 1000% harder than Obama's ever dreamt of?"

Well to be honest Z, Bush was a 1000 times more man that the metro barack hussein ever will be. If the critics went at obama like they did to Bush, why the poor fellow would just crumble to the floor in heap...... bit like an empty suit.