Saturday, January 30, 2010

Could AL GORE go to JAIL?


You'll all remember how the British scientists had emails going back and forth which showed they had information against global climate change and wouldn't release it.....well, it looks like have skipped out on their fates (of prison time) because there's a law in England that says that doing a crime more than six months ago exonerates you from accusation...
Do you think GORE could
GO TO JAIL? or is it just unethical here in America to lie or not invite the other side to what are supposedly world climate change meetings, meetings whose 'findings' can change drastically our whole economy in a very negative way to propagate incorrect assumptions and agendas, etc etc........? Is it illegal or just unethical to deny the natural variabilities which scientists, including Lord Monckton who'd originally worked with Gore, say might be changing surface temperatures? Why won't Gore DEBATE people from the other side? (see video) When I got the email including the link above, it brought all this up again and, when I heard Obama say something about scientists who ignore "the obvious evidence" of global climate change, it kind of scared me (is he that uninformed or unable to see two sides? I thought the left billed themselves as those with the big open hearts and minds?). Is NOBODY doing any even-handed investigating? WHY NOT?


beamish said...

I don't know. Left-wing environmental expert Osama Bin Laden has me rethinking the whole climate change debate.


Anonymous said...

As long as the left is in charge, Al Gore isn't going anywhere except to the bank. BTW, we have to "regulate" the salaries of CEO's, etc., but not what Franklin Raines was "paid"(around 100 million) while at Freddie Mac or what the likes of Mr. Gore can rip off from a gullible public that okays using the force of law in order to be ripped off.

MGM in Anderson

Anonymous said...


Al Gore won't debate anyone because (a) he doesn't have to, and (b) he is making tens of millions of dollars on the global warming lie.

Btw, this is typical liberal arrogance. Why aren't Americans finding out how Gore is making so much money and boycott those companies? Note: There are several.

Mustang out

Z said...

Beamish....if we don't find him soon, after all these new threats (which I think are his hubristic BS, but...), I think we should start threatening the lands where we think he is...somehow.

MGM....$300,000 per speech, Gore gets! And yes, Franklin Raines got a total free pass.

Mustang...tell us the companies! I'LL BOYCOTT!
I am so sick of seeing commercials of different companies going GREEN! (Hey, are they the ones?:-)


MK said...

"I thought the left billed themselves as those with the big open hearts and minds?"

Off course they do, but it's all lies and BS Z, just try walking into one of their gatherings and announcing that you don't feel the way they do, and you'll see judgement and intolerance like you've never seen it before.

Oh and yeah, i do believe al bore deserves jail, just think about the amount of tax payers money on this global warming shit, yesterday i spotted some retard on the street with a t-shirt on about climate change. Some crap about let's all hold hands, grope each other and stop climate change. It's amazing how stupid this shit really is, these clowns couldn't stop the wind from blowing, that's climate change isn't it.

And we've spent millions and millions pursuing this buffoonery, because of cretins like al bore.

Elmers Brother said...

global climate change is a cult with Gore as it's chief shaman

Z said...

MK, you are NOT going to tell me Conservatives don't believe holding hands will stop global warming ARE YOU???

But, seriously folks....I'm finding that talking with people about global climate change who don't think like we do turn it around and say "But something has to be done..."
As if Republicans who won't buy the dire "New York is going to be flooded" "No more trees in 10 years and no more glaciers.." actually think we should trash the earth and let things take care of themselves. I get that sometimes from people I admire!
"But, something has to be done"
Well, who the heck doesn't think that the oceans and mountains need not to have things DUMPED in or on them? And who doesn't think we need to continue reforesting like we have always done?

WE KNOW that the earth is a treasure and we need not to pillage it but people just don't ANALYZE, they believe what they hear on the news and THAT IS THAT.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between this con or any other con, except this one affects the entire world, and is propagated by politicians and well connected power brokers.

The trick is to separate the true believers from the grifters. Or simply put, the victims from the criminals.

It seems to me, there are Rico laws that would apply to the grifters, and for the victims a padded cell and a straight jacket would do nicely.

Call it "Global Warming" or "Climate Change", it's simply a vehicle to garner power and control over people through fear. Particularly in the more successful countries.

How to convince the haves to sacrifice in order to redistribute their wealth, and lower their standard of living in order to create a "level playing field" worldwide, and at the same time distribute much of that wealth to those who already control a hell of a lot of it already.

Just tell the people it's up to all of us to sacrifice in order to save the planet. That is all of us except the ones already on the elitist "green" gravy train.

One does have to wonder at the "true believer" who insists this is true even though it has come out that it's a sham, with evidence to prove it.

He/she it seems, would prefer to believe the world will end in his lifetime, rather than be wrong, or believe he could be so badly fooled. How the heck do you get through to someone like that?

Wouldn't a sane person be elated to find out that humans are safe from extinction? Wouldn't a normal person want heads to roll for pulling off the great hoax of our lifetime?

And to think, once upon a time green was my favorite color!


Frasypoo said...

Hi Z
.....that perverse sadistic side to me wants him to go to jail

Misfit410 said...

At least give Liberals credit for being honest about one thing, having open minds.. so open all of the brains spilled out.

Chuck said...

Z, this is scary. Because of my weird work schedule, I wrote my "What do you think about this?" blog for Monday ahead of time. I used this article and asked about Gore too.

My belief is he should at least repay the money. I think criminal charges are worth looking at because he has pushed this sham agenda to make money. In my mind that seems an awful lot like fraud.

Anonymous said...

You'll never find a greater Anglophile than I (I'm talking about ENGLAND not this modern abomination called The UK!), but don't you think that Lord Monckton sounds just a trifle supercilious? In his own way he's as arrogant and cocksure as Algore, whom I DESPISE.

I mean MUST we lay out our facts and lay our views on with a TROWEL a la Glenn Beck?

Also, could we REALLY trust beefy men -- or ANY men -- who wear LAVENDER?

But yes, I'd LOVE to see Algore behind bars, but you might as well FUGGEDABOUDIT!, because it will never happen. He's a DEMOCRAT. They're IMMUNE to accountability for their sins, don't you know?

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

Chuck, I'm know I like your blog so much!
And imagine making $300K per speech on carbon footprints while he flies around in private jets? Ah, the irony!

FT...Monkton is important to us...he's not afraid to debate, lavender or no lavender!

Opus #6 said...

Why no investigation?

Same reason nobody investigated ACORN, even after congress defunded them. Nobody wants to know.

HoosierArmyMom said...

Given the fact that ALBORE has made millions from the Climate Change Hoax/Debacle one would think defrauding the World for profit would be punishable by imprisonment, but he has so many nutbags to rise to his defense. Go figure. Liberals are so into embracing fictitious disasters and perpetrating the idea that mankind needs to be destroyed that you won't find anyone willing to prosecute the corrupt people like ALBORE.

Anonymous said...

Oh, FT. I think Lord Monckton looks a bit like an owl, but I don't hold that against him.

We should be grateful that this man, who worked with Al Gore at one time on global warming, has the courage to go against his former co-winner of the Nobel peace prize, and to take him on.

We need more like him. Laying it on with a trowel is probably necessary given the kool-aid drinking following this bogus crisis has.


Anonymous said...

Z and Pris,

My point is not to denigrate or discredit Lord Monckton or Glenn Beck. I believe these two very different individuals honestly want to serve the interests of Truth.

You're both absolutely right. We certainly DO need someone to do that, however, when dealing with the public -- most of whom have the attention span of the proverbial gnat, and are woefully ignorant, uninvolved in public affairs and rather proud of their indolence -- STYLE may very well be MORE important than SUBSTANCE.

Reasonably intelligent people don't enjoy being the objects of condescension, nor do they enjoy being subjected to the raving, shrieking, roaring, hectoring, badgering, inappropriately clownish antics so characteristic of Glenn Beck -- OR the loud bullying of Bill O'Reilly for that matter.

That's why the Marxists have changed their tone from the strident, sneering, contemptuous rhetoric dished out by such as Emma Goldman, Saul Alinsky, Howard Zinn and The Reverend Jeeramiah Wright to the cool, quasi-refined, "educated," pseudo-preppy style of Barack Obama.

Same old wolf now in a Brooks Brothers suit instead of the usual sheep's clothing. Commie wolves EARN sheepskins at Commie-league Universities, but they no longer WEAR them.

Presentation matters far more than it should. Often simply telling the Truth is not going to get you to first base in trying to persuade others to awaken and change their beliefs.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

FT, I enjoy Beck's clownish antics, it relieves the tension so much of his info creates. But, that's just me.

His ratings are through the roof, so the dissemination of his information is getting viewers. He must be doing something right.

Hopefully, he's getting some of those young people who could stand some info about the founding fathers, and what's being done to their future as we speak.


Anonymous said...

I hope you're right, Pris.

You and I were born in the same town at more or less the same time, so it can't be a generational thing. I just would prefer a middle ground between the extremes of Lord Monckton and Glenn Beck.

But one thing's for absolute certain sure: You can't appeal to all of the people even some of the time. ;-)

I guess that's what keeps life so interesting as well as exasperating?

I listen to Glenn almost every night, but his delivery sure does grate on my nerves. And like O'Reilly I wish he'd butt out sometimes and let his GUESTS say more.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

FT..I can barely watch Beck's show...I'll click to his channel and click off to something else almost immediately. He's SO passionate and SO RIGHT that it scares the @#$*(#$ out of me...He wears me OUT, I swear.
I enjoy him on interviews but not hearing his spiel.
Since Mr. Z died, I haven't quite the staying power I had before; things get to me easier (it's why I'm not reading too many other blogs and commenting as much as I used to...I can't take too much input anymore but I can give it OUT here..odd, isn't it?)...
Anyway, Beck's too much for me these days. And BOY, does he have facts and figures.
I have watched enough to know he still hasn't had that phone call from the WH correcting any of his information....that phone simply can't ring; they won't allow anybody to spar with him; too dangerous.

Anonymous said...

FT, No it isn't a generational thing. But, in our house our Dad could get downright silly entertaining my sister and I.

I think it's in our DNA. Ha, Ha.

I only watch his show on TV. I don't listen to his radio show.

"I guess that's what keeps life so interesting as well as exasperating?"

Of course you're right. Life would be dull if we were all the same, right?