Monday, January 25, 2010

Smart WHITE kids.... No more extra classes BECAUSE they're white!?

And we think America's going to SURVIVE let alone THRIVE anymore?
Read THIS and please tell me what you think............In italics below, there's an excerpt from the linked this and weep:

Campus leadership has proposed cutting before- and after-school labs -- decreasing science instruction by 20% to 40% -- and using that money to fund "equity" programs for struggling students in an effort to close one of the widest racial and ethnic achievement gaps in the state.

I couldn't read the whole article, it's too upsetting. Sure, we don't need to promote and help OVER ACHIEVERS anymore in AMERICA! Anyway, why bother, these are science classes; there will be no money for research soon anyhow, especially in the area of health/medicine. And, of course, we don't want to succeed TOO well because we won't be able to reap the benefits of that anyway, right? Not if leftwingers get their way and everyone's money is redistributed. But, heck, who's going to know how to do the math for redistribution?!

Here's the good part, liberal Berkeley's science students are THINKING TWICE about this silly political correctness........heck, this could be a GOOD THING after all!


Faith said...

Berzerkeley does it again. Unfortunately they can be a belwether for how the nation is going. Anything to undermine achievement.

What a change from 1957 when the USSR's Sputnik inspired a flurry of programs to increase American competitiveness in science, when most American schools had an "accelerated" or "gifted" program and achievement was the goal without regard to race, creed or color.

Seems like a good idea to me to do whatever is possible to bring the disadvantaged up to speed, special classes or whatever, but not at the expense of the advantaged.

Faith said...

Must add, though, that it also makes sense that the town is still achievement-oriented enough with its high percentage of professors living in those wealthy hills, to raise some protest against the dumbing-down faction.

Anonymous said...

Well Z … they may as well cut spending on science labs; students aren’t learning much substance in any case —may as well save the money. The fact is, if you wanted to increase student performance, tailor academic and vocational programs to their intellect and interests. Start failing students who are jerking off in class. Put kids in reform school who are felons in waiting. Send negligent parents to court and start assessing fines for parents who don’t know where their kids are after 8 p.m. You know, this program is ‘mush’ plain and simple. Notice, though … they want to cut science, but not the skillion of dollars they spend on athletic programs and other non-essential programs. If the school district wants to save money, they could fire coaches.

Yes, it is enough to make you ill — but it is the pinnacle of socialist education programs.

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

They should start the budget cutting with the Berkeley Space Science Lab on top of the hill... and then go shut down Lawrence Livermore Labs down the road. After all, the kids of those parents don't need "science labs."

Leticia said...

This is positively preposterous. I cannot believe they are even considering this! How many times have parents told and taught their children to do well, make good grades and now this garbage?! Something is wrong very, very wrong.

Those students should be commended not pernalized for being intelligent and dedicated.

Anonymous said...

More feel good action from the diversity crowd. Racists all!

Don't encourage excellence and hard work. Don't reward achievement. Oh no, let's see what color you are.

You're struggling? Well let's put you in a program where you're sure to fail. What do you mean you're not interested in taking this course? How can I pat myself on the back for promoting diversity?

Who cares if America becomes a haven for mediocrity, as long as we look good. We're the government and we're here to help!

Thank God my grandson is on his last leg of college. He's earned every achievement he's attained. I pity the young ones and their parents and what they'll have to deal with.


shoprat said...

I saw this a while ago.

I was stunned that even leftists would propose something this absurd.

FrogBurger said...

The left has very strong interest in making people dumber. Then they won't be able to find good jobs and will be dependent from the state.

Either make them educated BUT brainwashed or make them really dumb.

Michelle said...

LOL, as a homeschooling mom of 7 kids, I've LONG recognized the same problem in the public school institutions.

Public schools cater to the mediocre. That's where the majority of the money is pumped....and to a lesser extent the special ed programs.

My oldest 2 sons have been homeschooled all of their lives. By 6th grade my sons' composite scores on standardized testing in science have been 13+ (which means they scored the same as first year college students in science). My oldest son was testing overall on a 10th grade level in 6th grade. I'm not a great teacher. My kids aren't geniuses. But it's amazing what getting a kid out of a age-segregated classroom and into real life will do for one's education (and I do think a homeschool environment is closer to real life).

We don't have the government-controlled indoctrination that goes along with public schools to boot!

I can guarantee, I spend way, way, WAY, less money to educate my children.

Chuck said...

I always think things like this are racist, they seem to assume minorities cannot excel in these classes

Anonymous said...

This is every bit as absurd -- and cruel -- as requiring every parent in a given community to cut off the arms of every child in the school system, because there is one child present who was born without arms.

EEK WOLL-ITEE, don't you know!


~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

White people HAVE achieved more -- a GREAT DEAL more -- than any other group.

This may be "unfair," but it's the way it IS.

If crippling and destroying white people and the manifestly superior Christian culture they developed over the past two-thousand years is the only way that other groups can believe they are ADVANCING, then they'd better be left behind in the dust.

And yes I know all about Asians and how they are beating us at our own games all over the place, but the underlying point of that is that they are OUR games at which we are being beaten.

That's as ironic the the execution of M. Guillotine by the deadly invention that bears his name.

If this sounds "racist," I couldn't care less. The TRUTH may very well BE "racist" according to the definitions the Left has stuffed up and down every orifice we have you can imagine.

I'm sick, tired, disgusted and infuriated at seeing and hearing things like this ALL THE TIME.

Liberalism has infected the West with an obsessive-compulsive drive to commit SUICIDE.

Where we appear to be heard makes death seem an attractive proposition at times.

~ FreeThinke

Anonymous said...

I mean HEADED not "heard" of course. Sorry!

~ FT

Faith said...

I agree with your description but disagree with your analysis, FT. It's the glorious supernatural realistic revolutionary humane and compassionate Christian religion itself which brought us in the West to our successes over the rest of the world, by motivating to good works as the scripture calls us to do. It's not racial at all.

Faith said...

And the devil has been working overtime through his minions on the left in particular to bring us down and unfortunately has been succeeding.

MK said...

So these parasites are targeting the white students for a screwjob, that's leftism for you, always screw over the successful in favor of the less successful. It's in their mindset, success could not have been due to hard work, but must have been by screwing someone else over.

Makes me angry how leftists think that the way they get ahead is the way everyone else gets ahead too.

Anonymous said...

Is this college or grade school we're talking about?

I would be furious were my child attending this school.

...not that there's a snowball's chance in hell of that happening.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this wouldn't be acceptable in public grade school, either!

JINGOIST said...

Z, when you read CRAP like this always remember what the most important value is the the left--EQUALITY.

It trumps freedom every time. All else is demonized if it leads to any sort of inequity.

This is certainly infuriating, and I thank you for bringing it up. Later on today I'd like to link to this article if you don't mind?

Always On Watch said...

A few years ago here in Virginia, The Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology decided that too many Asians and whites were in attendance there -- never mind that getting in was predicated upon entrance-test results and teacher recommendations. In a stroke of stupid affirmative action and in total violation of the school's entrance standards, the school then allowed in 25 minority students: blacks and Hispanics. A special freshman class with extra instruction to help them catch up at the expense of 25 seats which should have gone to qualifying students.

Well, you can guess the result. A disaster academically and, yes, behaviorally! Furthermore, the other students at TJ started complaining: "The school isn't what it used to be."

DaBlade said...

W had it right when he said "The soft bigotry of low expectations". The left won't be satisfied until we are all evenly mediocre.

Ducky's here said...

You may have a point but the fact that you prefaced this with "smart white kids" and assumed there were none other than whites in the class further establishes your bigotry.

Z said...

thanks, everybody...I'm glad you all agree and I wish there was something we could do.
Like I said, at least the lib kids are suddenly affected and maybe THEY'LL wake up to this liberal silliness.
Like the lefties in NYC are upset at the terror trials there or the lib CNN female news readers outraged that the Obama plan pays for mammograms only at forty...they were outraged.. tsk tsk tsk When it hits home, it hurts. read my blog. Tell me I'm a bigot ...amazing.
Also, yes, most of the kids were white.
What do YOU call this sentence in the linked article?
"White students predominate in the science classes that require supplemental lab time, according to an analysis by a lead teacher in the Berkeley High math department."

Anonymous said...

It MUST at least in PART be "racial," if we must use that word, because -- though Christianity sprang from Judaism the Middle East -- it was only in Europe, the British Isles, and Russia that Christianity took hold in the many and varied forms that evolved into glorious thing we call Western Civilization.

The Coptic Church and the Church of the East (established in India very early in the Christian movement) are little known today probably because they were so vastly overshadowed by the Zoroastrianism, Hinduism and later Islam that were so powerful in those regions.

But the paganism and even the barbarism of ancient and post-Roman Europe feel much more easily to Christian influence than any place else, even though noticeable traces of it remain today, and threaten now to gain new strength and vitality.

But why was it that the CAUCASIAN cultures ultimately adapted and assimilated themselves to Christian Doctrine? Why were THEY more receptive to Christ and benefited more from Christ's teachings than all those other groups? It MUST have had something to do with the INNATE characteristics of the peoples so influenced.

All men may be equal in the sight of God, but they are egregiously UNEQUAL in the many and varied ways they respond to stimuli. That's SELF-EVIDENT.

That this is true in no way endorses the notion those different from ourselves should be treated cruelly and do not deserve our respect.

Anonymous said...

WHOOPS! Forgot to sign.

That last ;post was by

~ FreeThinke

Debbie said...

Punish the smart? Sounds like a liberal/progressive idea to me. But I bet it won't affect their children in their schools. They always come up with these ideas for somebody else.

Just like everything in the world, race, religion, social class should not make any difference.

Right Truth

(p.s. Just put up an interview with Dr. Paul Williams, pretty scary stuff)

Faith said...
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Faith said...

I'm sure you're right that there's SOME racial influence, FT, we're not all born equal in talents and drive. It took something like 1500years to get all of Europe Christianized though, we weren't an easy sell, and as you say, there was plenty of barbarism among those tribes, now threatening a return, even witchcraft probably as hair-raising as voodoo. There must have been historical factors besides race involved. I don't think the gospel made it as far as China until the last few hundred years.

cube said...

Liberalism is a mental disorder. There is no other explanation for otherwise educated people coming to this kind of warped conclusion.

shoprat said...

According to the article, about 1/4 of the class is black and Hispanic. I guess they don't count to the far left.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Faith, 1500 years, and we still have a very long way to go. There never was a time when any mortal had a Perfect Grasp of Christ's Purpose.

I believe that two-thousand years is but the twinkling of an eye from God's eternal, unchanging perspective.

I know you probably disagree, but I am morally certain He continues to reveal Himself to us in many and varied ways. His ways are not our ways, and He works mysteriously in a fashion we are incapable of grasping.

We seem to be in steep decline right now, but given the ups and downs and manifold horrors that have ALWAYS been part of life on earth EVERYWHERE at one time or another given the long view of human development, I'm pretty sure that the stuff that bothers us greatly right now is but a tiny snag in the Great Scheme of things.

We cannot perfect ourselves, though paradoxically we are obliged to try. As the action of wind and water turns huge boulders into tiny grains of sand over many thousands of years, so God tumbles us through endless vicissitudes of life. We suffer, we feel outraged, deprived and punished. We lose our bearings, even reject faith, yet all the while we are being polished and perfected, even though we feel we are being ground down to nothingness.

So what is happening to us now -- even though we hate and fear it -- is very likely in perfect accordance with God's will.

At any rate, it's always wise not to let ourselves be too concerned about things over which we have no control.

I know George Bernard-Shaw is supposed to be held in disrepute because of a recent documentary by Glenn Beck, but I've known GBS a long time, and there's a lot more to him than the filmed caricature he made of himself for purposes of his own no doubt. His works speak for him better than any of his personal remarks.

At any rate, here are are two favorite quotations from Shaw that have nothing of the socialist about them. I think they pertain to this and many other discussions all of us have had past and present:

"All this struggling and striving to make the world better is a great mistake; not because it isn't a good thing to improve the world, if you know how to do it, but because striving and struggling is the worst way you could set about doing anything."

"This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you're thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of Nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy."

G. B. Shaw (1856-1950)



Faith said...

Yes, Faith, 1500 years, and we still have a very long way to go. There never was a time when any mortal had a Perfect Grasp of Christ's Purpose.

Fortunately we don't need to have a perfect grasp, or go any further than believing and trusting that His death pays for our sins.

How did we get off on this anyway?

Z said...

good question!