Thursday, January 28, 2010

"SORRY", but sometimes a picture with a few words says it better than anything else...........

Well, okay...Some aren't quite as unhappy as some of US are.........

Chris Matthews: “[Obama] is post-racial by all appearances. You know, I forgot he was black tonight for an hour.”

Howard Fineman (Newsweek): “If presidential leadership were only about giving speeches, the jackhammers would already be at work on Mt. Rushmore.”

Katie Couric
(misquoting another liberal journalist): “[Obama is] better at making us smarter than making us angry.” Soon thereafter, CBS News reported that it’s quick poll revealed 83 percent support for the “proposals made in [Obama’s] speech.”

AND GET THIS: With the way Obama's thugs treated Joe the Plumber, and the way they insulted Palin and her family, with the way they wouldn't allow the Republicans into any discussions regarding the health care bill, the disdain Robert Gibbs so obviously displays for anyone who doesn't totally agree with him and his boss, with the way they've railroaded and been so UNtransparent, how can he say this (From THIS LINK that's full of amazing quotes from him) ?: "I want the Republicans off the sidelines. I want them to work with us to solve problems," Obama said. And then he added: "I don't want an attitude `If Obama loses, then we win.' I mean, that can't be a platform. ... All of us should be rooting for each other." ROOTING FOR EACH OTHER? Wouldn't that be unbelievably nice? How about rooting for Americans and realizing most aren't going for so many of his platforms!? He doesn't do anything which remotely reflects that supposed desire! How I wish that were something we COULD all do.
AND...Imagine if any Republican had said they forgot Obama was black tonight? What do you suppose Matthews MEANT by that? That Obama wasn't hip hopping all over the dais, or he had on a nice clean suit or didn't talk Ebonics? I mean, is it a 'compliment' to say one forgot a black man is black? Isn't that INSULTING AS HELL?


Anonymous said...

Z, I wonder, did CBS take that poll in their own news room? Wait, do they have a news room?

"And then he added: "I don't want an attitude `If Obama loses, then we win.' I mean, that can't be a platform. ..."

It can't? Sounds like a plan to me!

Love the cartoon Z.


That's Life said...

It’s pathetic that the U.S. has a President who bows to foreign leaders and berates our country every chance he gets – here and abroad! That’s what’s pathetic! And, unfortunately, in the U.S. the MSM is completely IN THE BAG for Obama and were instrumental in getting this incompetent socialist elected! Our own press continues to spin and deny the truth and continue to shove his horrible agenda down our throats! NO MORE! We will have revenge at the ballot box in November – wonder HOW these same idiots will spin everything then???!!!

Beth said...

The hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me.

Z said...

One of my favorites is Dick Cavett, who was on IMUS this morning.
Cavett said he "knew what Matthews meant..." about forgetting Obama is Black..and then when Imus asked 'how so?', Cavett looked uncomfortable and couldn't answer (rare for Cavett)...hmmm
Imus then asked Cavett if Obama remembers that he's half white. To that, Cavett said "Good question."

Imus SURE nailed Geithner and Schumer for their sycophantic jumping up and down for anything they felt their boss wanted them UP for..especially for slamming the Supreme Court decision. A real first, American president chiding the Supreme Court, sitting right there in front of him and on television, on a decision.

And the media's really not covered that. But, ooooh, they're treating Alito as if he'd said "YOU LIE!"

FairWitness said...

Oh boy, Z! I've seen the Chris Matthews comments all over Fox News, and I am aghast. It's such a racist perspective. He forgot for a moment that President Obama is black? For just a moment? Implying he came out of his trance to the reality of Obama's skin color?

What's relevant about this or any other President's race? His leadership qualities, his character, his policies and ideas, his strength ... those are relevant. Chris Matthews is so enamored of President Obama... geez, maybe they should get a room.

I didn't actually hear President Obama apologize to any of us, did you? I heard a lot of explanations, lectures, condescension, disdain and contempt for those of us who reject his views and policies.

Where were the comments about Iraq, Afghanistan and the War on Terror? We've had several attacks or attempts during the last year, both here in America and in the Middle East. I'm worried about our security because it's clear this President is NOT concerned about it. His number one responsibility and duty is to protect this country and he barely mentions it?

His lecturing about partisanship were laughable. President Obama and his Administration engage in partisan attacks every day, numerous times a day. Practically every word coming out of the White House is a partisan attack. He can't be serious about stopping partisanship, it originates at his end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

And did you hear his assertion about the science being established about global warming? Does he really think we aren't aware of the disclosures that world scientists and the UN have been deliberately distorting climate change data and temperatures for decades? What???? It's insulting to all of us. Puh-leeeeeze!

This SOTU speech was an unmitigated disaster and humiliating. We have a radical, progressive President who thinks his citizens are absolute imbeciles. How did we elect a man who doesn't respect this great nation's people?

FairWitness said...

Also, Z, the President is the one who LIED, not Justice Alito. The McCain-Feingold campaign finance legislation struck down by SCOTUS last week does NOT give foreigners any rights to campaign.

BTW, hasn't a foreigner already infilitrated the entire Democratic Party? Last time I checked, George Soros was born a Hungarian, in Budapest. He became an American to insinuate himself into and to corrupt our political process.

Yeah, right, but President Obama is concerned about foreign intervention into our campaign process? Unbelievable!

beamish said...

Cwis Maffews is a former speechwriter for Jimmy Carter, so to him, Obama's speech was "grits dummy good"

Anonymous said...

I think that what Mathews was trying to say is that Obama is "light-skinned" in appearance and speaks "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

Ducky's here said...

Fairwitness seems to have forgotten the "national" in "multinational".

Brush up on your Mandarin, bubbi.

Elmers Brother said...

Fairwitness seems to have forgotten the "national" in "multinational".

and in walks the Don Rickles look a like to add some real clarity to the issue.

Faith said...

Seems to me I've been seeing more comments that are critical of the Obama administration from the libs these days, lots of people sorry they elected him.

I didn't hear the Mathews remark but wasn't he just trying to say something like we've finally transcended race and don't think in terms of race much any more at all? And isn't that supposed to be a good thing? Or am I missing something?

Z said...

Faith, I know...I tried to consider what Matthews might have meant that doesn't seem racist and I just can't....I don't think Matthews IS racist and I do see your point but man, but sometimes you wonder what's deep in somebody's mind and heart... it just feels like that comment smacks of "a black man can't BE up there, he can't be talking like that (altho I'm not one of those who thinks a man with Obama's demeaner and such apparently obvious reliance on teleprompter is great oration), gee...imagine THAT?"

Pris, I wondered about that poll, too.

That's Life...I hope you're right about Nov.

FairWitness....Obama's words were something about people who don't believe in climate change in spite of "the OBVIOUS EVIDENCE"
That is THE most demeaning, ridiculous comment of the night, maybe, considering how MANY scientists DO NOT believe in it or, more precisely, have shown that it's not caused by HUMANS, showing the idiocy in Obama/Gore's constant regalements about GREEN GREEN GREEN...completely creating an industry that just MIGHT not help too much, according to many people, including Lord MOnkton, who developed the Gore nuttiness with him and then showed himself they were WRONG (media doesn't like to mention that).

BB-Idaho said...

"ROOTING FOR EACH OTHER? Wouldn't that be unbelievably nice?"
..sure would. I'm so old I remember when we were ALL Americans...

FairWitness said...

What are you saying there, Duck?

Multinational corporations like IBM, Xerox, Exxon-Mobil, General Motors, Ford, etc., should be shut out the American political process because they have branches and divisions worldwide?

Ducky, just shut up. You don't get it one damn bit!

FairWitness said...

Z, you're so right. Even the Global Warming crowd, the ones who believed the data before, are now starting to wise up to the fact they had been lied to. And that phrase, despite "obvious evidence?" What's obivous is that the UN and other world leaders have perpetrated a scam to extort massive sums of wealth from America to fund their own BS lifestyles. These "Greenies" used the environment as a means of wealth redistribution. And they all became gazillionaires in the process.

Did you happen to catch the line in his speech where he said the Senate rejected his call to create a bipartisan Federal Deficit Commission? He announced, since the Senate declined his idea, that he would sign an Executive Order creating it, anyway. This is what the Obama Presidency is doing and it's un-Constitutional as all get-out. If Federal Courts go counter to his wishes, he issues and Executive Order, if Congress fails to act as he directs them, he issues an Executive Order.

The man is a Dictator (emphasis on the Dic!!!)

Anonymous said...

'Bobby-Baby' Gibson is a perfect water carrier for O. Darn, but he's prissy. He always looks like he's smelled something bad.

And I'm sick & tired of seeing O. flapping his wings skipping down the steps from Air Force One. Has anybody else noticed how he only looks right or left when giving a speech, never front & center, since there's no TOTUS there. He looks like he's watching a tennis match.

MK said...

On the plus side the moron didn't ask obama for some coffee, maybe he's just more of a soi chai latte kinda gal.

Z said...

BB.Idaho..I remember that, too...believe me. heck, I'll even admit I admired Pat Moynihan and Tip O'Neil...we might not have agreed on HOW to get America 'there' but we knew we wanted her to do BETTER and we wanted to maintain CAPITALISM, for Pete's SAKE !!! And we wanted good defense!! And we would NEVER EVER have a president apologizing for anything we (or he) did....and one would NEVER slam a Supreme Court decision in public... Ah, for those days, huh?

FairWitness...I like the "emphasis" on 'dic'!! HEH!
And OH, the speech was FULL of things like you say...including that he didn't think the senate would be moving on jobs soon but he was demanding a bill get to his desk soon? Remember?He really thinks he's KING, I think!! YOU KNOW? Robert Gibbs, Emanuel, Axelrod, Obama..they don't CARE what the public wants or thinks...they're BETTER and know what we SHOULD HAVE. When did THAT HAPPEN!??? And HOW?

Anonymous, what IS it with Obama and those bent arms flopping up and down as he dashes up the steps to a plain or across a dais? I keep thinking it's getting even more pronounced... very weird.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing:

I privately dubbed him The Black Knight yjr moment he strutted onto the scene.

Boy was i ever right in more ways than one!

~ FreeThinke