Wednesday, January 27, 2010


What did you guys think of the speech?
I was out this evening so I'm off to watch it now. A friend said he went back to blaming Bush at the end...can it BE?
And another told me that he accosted the SUPREME COURT OF THIS COUNTRY for their last decision regarding campaign finance. That's presidential, huh? :-)

Tell me a part that REALLY BUGGED YOU the most...........if you can narrow it down.
I'm off to my TV. And some wine. Think I'll need it?
By the way, I just saw on the Yahoo homepage that Obama says he "won't quit".... Man, I hadn't even hoped that high! :-)


Faith said...

I didn't watch it, don't have TV -- not that I would have watched otherwise -- but I was pleasantly surprised by this very critical review of his speech on the Yahoo page:

Faith said...

Here's that page

"Fact Check" is the title.

Z said...

Faith, the man is such a whiner.. I just quickly scanned that excellent (and surprising piece) and saw this:
"OBAMA: Drawing on classified information, he claimed more success than his predecessor at killing terrorists: "And in the last year, hundreds of al-Qaida's fighters and affiliates, including many senior leaders, have been captured or killed — far more than in 2008."

Why does he need to say that? Is he SO bitter, SO afraid to stand on his OWN record....what is the MATTER with this cry baby?

I'm going to go see if I can find anybody who has it on tonight at 9pm my time...thanks for that link. VERY SURPRISING indeed.

FrogBurger said...

Couldn't take it. I went in and out. Sounded like another laundry list of promises. And the constant, "it's no my fault" is annoying. He already set expectations if the Republicans win in 2010. It won't be his fault. This guy is a wuss.

Z said...

I'm almost finished with it but had to leave and come in here..
"I" and "I" and "I" many TIMES can he say "I"? I've never heard that in any presidential speech.
And does he HAVE to look DOWN on us? Is it the teleprompter and the height of it or something? And could he just look at the audience in front of him (us) ONCE?

Or is that as "unpleasant as a root canal", too?

Z said...

"despite the OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE OF GLOBAL CHANGE, some don't believe it.."
Smug (@#$&(*#@$

And he's talking about transparency as if he's been transparent. Do people SEE the incredible misrepresentation? (i'm trying to be polite here...go with me on this..'misrepresentation' is the best word I can dream up right now in lieu of........something else)

He actually acts like "if those lousy people with different opinions would just WAKE UP, we could get something done" WHAT? He has NO respect for anything but his own opinions.

"Neither party should obstruct every single bill just because they CAN!"
Hey, Barry, they only COULD since last week's Brown election....don't LECTURE, do NOT LECTURE the American people.
"these politics don't help the American people"

MY GOD!! They kept Republicans out of EVERYTHING this year...even ignoring their input on healthcare and saying they hadn't any input! ..which the media ran with!
Does he have ZERO SHAME? Does he BELIEVE what he says? I'm blown away.

"just saying no to everything might be good short term politics but it's not leadership!"

He said NO to every single idea of the Republicans on health care, he's kept them out of every bill formation...and he says THIS?

Man, he is low.

Anonymous said...

Gee Whiz, I had my bowling league tonight. My, my, and to think I could have missed that and watched another song and dance!

But no, I had to spend the evening with good company and fun competition. What a sacrifice!!!

About the freeze. At first blush you might think, wow that's great. Not so fast.

The EPA budget has been raised by 35%. The Dept. of ED. raised by 30%. A huge amout of money.

I'm sure other depts probably have been raised too, but these two are the ones I know about. Of course this doesn't even count the cost of a healthcare program should he be successful at that, and God knows what else is on the drawing board.

A freeze is not rolling back spending that's already taken place. Or using the balance of the stimulus money to pay down the debt. Heck, it's only half a trillion dollars, and he has a country to destroy. We're in the trillions of debt, and deficit.

Indeed, I notice he gives himself another year to raise spending more, before he freezes spending at historically high levels in 2011.

How clever, and who would notice that huh? We stupid citizens are so dense. Yep, we're so dumb the word freeze, should do it.

So, no I didn't see the speech. I've heard this song before!


beamish said...

More like the State of the Ruin address.

I'm going to tear this simpering imbecile President apart.

Stay tuned to my blog.

Always On Watch said...

I was a bit distracted during the speech by Nancy Pelosi in the background. I have a very brief post about that distraction.

Always On Watch said...

FrogBurger is exactly right:

Sounded like another laundry list of promises.

Now, a couple of the promises did sound good:

1. developing safe nuclear energy

2. using our own oil resources

Also, BHO did allude to the rise of democracy in Iran with the protests against the leadership there.

One thing I found beyond the pale: scolding SCOTUS for the recent decision that didn't suit the Dems.

I really don't mind BHO fussing about the GOP as obstructing the adoption of Dem plans. That kind of fussing is typical Dem whining. I do think that BHO planned to fuss more but was curtailed by his advisors -- one of those Washington whispers.

The speech was being revised nearly up to the last minute.

One final comment about the speech: It was too long! That length could imply desperation, IMO.

Always On Watch said...

Oh, and have you read the Harry Reid yawned during the speech? That yawn occurred very early in the speech, and the cameras immediately panned away. But not quickly enough.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

My biggest beef was his calling out the Supreme Court on their recent decision regarding Citizens United v. FEC.

It not only showed clear evidence of his persisence towards empathy and activism when it comes to judicial appointments, it was also clearly evident that the president either didn't understand the case and the subsequent opinion or he flat out chose to ignore it in his want for a talking point to greater America who also didn't understand the case or the opinion.

The financial contribution portion of campaign finance still stands. What the SCOTUS merely held, and rightly so I should add, is that a for or non-profit corporation or entity, under the First Amendment, should not be precluded from excercising their free speech rights (be it in a movie, an advertisement, etc.)

Why under the previous provisions would it be acceptable for say Michael Moore or Bill Maher or whomever to author a book 6 months before an election citing 1,000 reasons NOT to election George Bush in 2004 permitted by the FEC rules but somehow a non-profit or even for-profit corporation's desire to make a short movie or run an advertisement doing essentially the same somehow not??

Ducky's here said...

It was pretty much boiler plate. Not that these really amount to much.

Z-man said...

The part about more clean nuclear power plants and offshore drilling because he's trying to get in our pants.

Brooke said...

I was so outraged, I can't pick just one thing that bugged me the most!

And I agree with AOW, Pelosi and Biden were quite the distraction.

Joe said...

Read my post at

There was lots not to like about that speech, including its length, misstatements, ect.

Jess said...

My facebook was busy last night! As I was watching and hearing things that ticked me off I commented as did my friends and we wound up with nearly 60 posts by the end of the speech.

I was annoyed that Michelle Obama will be taking on childhood obesity. So much for her work with military families eh? BTW how's that work going?

The issue with the Supreme Court. The Harvard Law Professor doesn't really care for separation of powers does he?

The jobs bill. When he said government could put into action things that would make it easier I was like, really how's it going so far?

The high speed train from Orlando to Tampa. Big 8 billion waste of taxpayer dollars that's going to be manufactured by a Japanese company. It's a loss leader, it will never make money and it's going to wind up a government subsidy just like AMTRAK.

The so-called "jobs" bill passed 217-212, but when the time on the clock expired, it was losing 208-212. A few minutes later, when it hit 214-213 and then 215-213, someone shouted "gavel it!" from the Democratic side. A bill doesn't need the full 218 to pass -- only a simple majority of those voting. The presiding officer took the suggestion and closed the vote.

Universities and Colleges need to cut costs. Perhaps the Harvard Law Professor should make a visit or two to campuses around the nation. WE ARE CUTTING COSTS and we are hardly making it. We are doing MORE with LESS. Bigger classes, more graduate students teaching because we can't hire faculty, we can't fund research assistants because there's not enough money, we can't build more classrooms to accomodate all the people Obama told should go to school because "everyone deserves an education". There's a very high stress rate at colleges and universities because we're doing more with less. I can't believe he wants us to cut MORE.

The way he managed to slip the former administration into his speech.

The list goes on and on! (PUKE!!)

Z said...

Always On Watch...I was distracted by Pelosi AND Biden, who seems so jovial and clown-like.
Pelosi, who can say? Smacking her lips, eyes popping out...scratching her nose; i started to wonder if she even realized she was in such a public seat.

Soapbox, good point about Moore or Maher and books...definitely true, but that's beginning so commonplace, that hypocrisy and double standard.
And yes, the biggest problem in the speech was for a president to insult the Supreme Court and question its decision and its authority.

And, of course, instead of the horrid thing OBAMA DID, the media's focused on Alito reacting. Odd that the cameras were ready and on him, though I suppose they're everywhere, lurking for THE STORY! Best to please the media, not have dignity and decorum, the media's GOT to get their big story ..

it was a sad thing because it gave Obama's people a place to hide his mistake...: BLAME ALITO!
Also, I felt badly because you've all noticed that Alito's got a neck problem; you could see it in his hearings and swearing in...he's got a kind of palsy or something, I THINK?...and this was probably in play last night.

Name: Soapboxgod said...

"And yes, the biggest problem in the speech was for a president to insult the Supreme Court and question its decision and its authority."

All the while insinuating a legislative correction to "right this wrong".

WOW. Dare I say, that's rich.

Anonymous said...

He pointed to his wife Michelle as being appointed to the position of childhood obesity czar. Childhood obesity may well be a serious problem, but isn't that the job of the parent to teach their kids about eating well — not the government. Taking on that issue, where do you draw the line and limit the intrusion? And, IMO, that's fundamentally what divides not only America, but every other country — the destruction of the boundaries of personal responsibility and the power of the state.

Somehow, I just can't imagine that harridan demanding others eat their veggies and plant a garden, like I did, and not even considering that she's crossing boundaries that should be respected.

And he did have the chutzpah to blame the current problems on what happened before he got there.


Elmers Brother said...

Childhood obesity is just another way for the government to control out lives

Elmers Brother said...

'our' lives

cube said...

I didn't watch the SOTU, but have read parts today that should have made clear to the majority of Americans that not only has BO shown himself to be an affirmative action president, but by lecturing the SCOTUS Justices, he has proved himself to be an affirmative action law professor too. No wonder he doesn't allow the release of his school transcripts.

ExPreacherMan said...

Our idiot professor president was simply lecturing and chastising his wayward and unruly students (Supreme Court and Congress).

Revolting idiocy!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like Michelle Obama looks like a poster child for physical fitness????? She has a huge butt on her and she's going to take on childhood obesity? Just do the socialist thing and appoint KGB agents in the school to take the lunch money away from the over weight students!

Oh, this administration is something else.


Z said...

WOW...great comments.

I'm amused that the president insults and demeans our Supreme Court, and apparently misstates the part about international monies (I'm checking into this and will report if I find what I just heard on two stations in the news this morning) and the media's making much more of Alito's supposed comments of outrage that people have lip-read....typical.

I hate to say it, HAM, but you do have a point there :-)

Elbro's they have to tell us what our kids should eat.
i'd prefer they put back mandatory physical education in the schools and let the kids eat what they want..they're KIDS, their folks should know if they need particular diets.

Anonymous said...

"i'd prefer they put back mandatory physical education in the schools and let the kids eat what they want..they're KIDS, their folks should know if they need particular diets."

Z, Of course you're right, but it is laughable when we know that teeter-totters, dodge ball, and even tag, have been banned in many grade schools, and who knows what else.

First, teach children to be risk averse, then brand them as obese because they're too sedentary. Go figure.

As for political correctness, my grandson and another boy, both in 1st grade at the time, were admonished for playing cowboys and indians, and using their fingers as firing guns at each other.

This involved two no-nos. First, no guns, even if there are no guns.

Secondly, Indians? Horrors! It's Native Americans, dontcha know. These boys were six years old.

Oh, I'm happy to say, both kids were skinny little rascals.

How we survived our childhoods must have miraculous overtones, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch it.

As someone calling herself Bitch Cassidy famously said years ago at FPM: "You don't need to eat a pound of poo poo to know it don't taste good."

Only she didn't say "poo poo."

~ FreeThinke

Law and Order Teacher said...

I was upset at the public spanking of the SCOTUS. The SOTU isn't the proper forum to publicly scold the Supreme Court. The reaction of the Dems magpies (Schumer, Durbin) was particularly juvenile.

Of course, we've come to expect this from these two dunderheads. I posted something on it. This president is becoming noted for his propensity to publicly trash the opposition. Classless.

Elmers Brother said...

i'd prefer they put back mandatory physical education in the schools and let the kids eat what they want..they're KIDS, their folks should know if they need particular diets

absolutely Z

MK said...

"I was out this evening so I'm off to watch it now."

Consider yourself lucky that you didn't waste the time on a vacuous gasbag.