Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pray for the Doctors........

Please pray for four surgeons and the personnel they're taking with them from the LA area to Haiti with the equipment to do 100 surgeries.......The prayer is specifically that they get approval to land. Also, please pray for their safety and that these surgeons and their patients are all blessed by this amazing act of generosity. Thanks so much.


MK said...

Good on them, God speed good folks.

JINGOIST said...

I'm with you MK. G-dspeed to the docs. One of my customers is a heart surgeon who routinely goes to Africa as part of Doctors Without Borders. She's a wonderful person, a brilliant doctor, and an irrational leftist all at the same time. Go figure...

Z said...

thanks, guys..
I hear Haiti just had another 6.0 quake or after shock...pray for Robbie, the grandson of a dear friend of mine, who was supposed to have landed yesterday...and EVERYONE there, of course.

beamish said...

Obviously the fault line hasn't settled yet.

There's been a 7.3, a 5.5, and now a 6.2 earthquake in Haiti / Dominican Republic since the start of all this.

Tragic. I fear the tremors and aftershocks ain't over.

6.2 is nothing to sneeze at.

Anonymous said...

I know this will sound horrible, but if a building is consumed with flames spitting, hissing and crackling out of every window, only a fool would enter the inferno in the hope of helping those trapped inside.

I have nothing but sympathy for the Haitians, but does committing suicide really do anything on their behalf?

I don't think so. Suicide is the liberal's answer to the unfairness and hideous inequities that are an inherent, immutable part of life on earth.

Liberals parade GUILT for NOT being a VICTIM with an air of self-righteousness that has always burned my butt.

Of course I want the doctors to succeed, but I very seriously question the wisdom of their going.

Meanwhile, I earnestly thank God that I am not in Haiti or anywhere in the Third World.

Sorry! Honesty isn't always beautiful.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

FT, for pete's sake, my friend and his associates are operating in field hospitals and we know from earthquakes in LA....they'll be fine. (and ssshhhh!...they're CONSERVATIVES)
I'm not sure I could NOT go into a building where I thought people might need help. I hope I'm never tested.