Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The death of a great hero

Miep from THE DIARY OF ANN FRANK died on January 11 at the age of 100. What an amazingly courageous woman, putting the Frank family and those with them hiding in Amsterdam before her own safety.
May God bless her mightily.


Anonymous said...

God rest her soul.

sue said...

Z - You have to admire greatly those who helped the victims of the Holocaust - putting their own lives in danger.

heidianne jackson said...

she was a truly great and godly woman. that we would ALL follow her example and put others above ourselves. RIP miep, RIP

Deborah on the Bayside said...

An outstanding example of how the significant are rarely famous, and the famous are rarely significant. The second of two amazing women of courage from this era to pass within a week.

May I also pay respects to Freya von Moltke who just died at 98? She was at the other end of the spectrum -- an outsider in the "inside" circle of upper echelon Germans, living a lie and refusing to "heil Hitler." Her lawyer husband co-founded the Reisau Circle and they worked with a trusted group to prepare for a democratic system after the inevitable fall of Hitler. Then he was discovered and executed by the Gestapo. We know a lot from the documents she hid in beehives on her estate.

May we have such courage for what we are called to in our time.

Linda said...

Without these brave souls, we wouldn't have known the Holocaust took place. To think there are people today who are saying it didn't. Thanks to President Eisenhower too, for documenting the camps!

We all have such short memories, that we probably wouldn't have remembered them without the pictures we saw.

Joe said...

We can be grateful for lives like hers.

And Oliver Stone thinks Hitler was misunderstood and taken out of context.

BB-Idaho said...

Those were dark years of barbaric terror..civilization turned upside down. Any hint of resistance met with execution. That a few decent
people carried on and helped the helpless shows that humanity continues in the most inhuman of times.

cube said...

She is an inspiration for us all.

Z said...

BB-Idaho..what's unutterably sad and unfair is that most people don't know how large Germany's resistance was. It's not even taught in our schools. France's is famous for the film CASABLANCA...Hitler was a monster and many Germans realized that...more than you'd believe.
There are books thick with page after page of Germans who tried to stop Hitler.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

That was a wonderful thing she did. And, just like the Greatest Generation here in the states, she is quiet, humble and self-effacing. God bless her.


BB-Idaho said...

"most people don't know how large Germany's resistance was."
..Meip Gies was Dutch. The Jewish
Jerusalem Holocaust Authority
'Yad Vashem' has compiled a list
'Righteous Among Nations' of individuals who helped the Jews
in those awful years. Among the
4,947 Dutch was Meip Gies. Among the 460 Germans was Schindler.
Most people don't know that only
little Denmark stood up to der
Furher and saved 99% of their Jews from the clutches of evil incarnate... Yes, there were heros in Germany and sadly, most paid with their lives.

Z said...

BB, I'm well aware of that....but when you said "Dark years" I glommed Germany in there, too.
Thanks..Good to have you here.