Monday, January 11, 2010

Palin on FOX permanently? WHAT?


sue said...

Fortunately, I never watch Fox:)

Law and Order Teacher said...

Once again, Fox has taken a step into the controversy. I think it will be a good move for her as it will give her pulpit to address a large audience, much as Reagan did on radio. At least she will sink or swim on her own, not having to depend on the LSM for a fair accounting of what she says. Good move for Fox.

Z said...

Sue, you'd be amazed at news which actually does have two sides on nearly ever subject. I watch MSNBC and CNN quite often...but it's not balanced in the least, though I must admit CNN's been starting to have a Conservative on from time to time. A good thing.

Law and Order....As if FOX's ratings could GO HIGHER?! MAN. Very good move for FOX and yes, she'll also show the quick learning and agile mind even the handlers who weren't fond of her admit she has.....that's a good thing, I guess.

beamish said...

Please tell me Greta Van Substanceless lost her slot for this.

I might even break my New Year's resolution to watch no television in 2010 whatsoever for this.

Anonymous said...

Good for her. I gather she'll be a guest commenter on O'Reilly's show. She'll be on with him tomorrow night.

Yes it is a good move by Fox. They're pretty savvy. They know what sells, don't they? It should be interesting.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at NBC, or CNN tonight. They must be tearing their hair out!


Anonymous said...

You're so, so right re GVS.


heidianne jackson said...

i saw this earlier today- yea! she is very smart, and this will be a good move for both of them. as for your comment that "... CNN's been starting to have a Conservative on from time to time." that's because they recognize that if they don't start doing something to show both sides they are going to lose everything.

Anonymous said...

Was CNN really that bad? I haven't watched in years, but they did have Bob Novak and Tucker Carlson. They may have had their leanings, but MSNBC they were not.


Steve Harkonnen said...

OMG. I'll give her some reprieve and say she might make a good GOP leader, whatever, but not POTUS nor anything drastically important because that woman doesn't know much about the world that we live in.

Z said...

GVS has come around so much I'm amazed. Did you know her VERY rich husband was part of the Palin team? ....selling her in the best light to America?

GVS went to ALASKA to reveal Palin and it looked like she kind of liked her in spite of all she'd been told. But, of course, there IS her husband's career which might have influenced that. Still, it seemed like GVS and Sarah hit it off.

No, I'm afraid I don't agree with tio or Beamish this time...she was much more liberal early on but has completely come down against Obama's healthcare plan, the non transparency, and MANY things most Americans should awaken to by now.

sue said...

Steve - That's the best thing I've heard all day. But there may be those that would like to get her elected so that they can use her like a puppet.

Z said...

Steve, the handlers who didn't like her because she had a mind of her own had to admit that she was one of the quickest learners they knew. She's not stupid and she certainly knew at least as much as Obama did!! She had experience.

MK said...

Suck it in lefties. Looking forward to reading her columns and hearing her speak.

Ducky's here said...

Not unlike the old days where You could tell when a celebrity had made it out of Rehab when they showed up as ‘Mr. Conductor’ on Thomas the Tank Engine’s Shining Time Station.

Brooke said...

Ooohh, it's red meat for the lefties.

Go, Fox! :)

Z said...

sue, that's why McCain wasn't elected, in my opinion. It's really clear even if you read only the 10 pages of the Palin book I read that she was found to be a rogue too late and then the RNC went off her. She wouldn't play their game.
Still, even they now begrudingly admit the ticket wouldn't have got the huge amount of votes they got without her. Republicans' job is to find out why the RNC let McCain lose. I honestly do feel that way. Even her handlers worked against her, hiring a Katie Couric girlfriend (found out and proven later, by the way, this isn't conjecture) to push her into the disastrous Couric interviews where she was hounded and belittled with statements that inferred "do you READ?" (We all heard that, and sarah's not stupid and saw through it and wasn't pleased and admits she reacted too much like a human for a politician and Katie got her interview showing Palin's humanness in her testy pyrposeful non answers due to her friend...who promised Palin if the first Couric interview went south, she didn't have to do another, but then scheduled 2 with Palin's knowledge, the other popped at her as she left a huge event, behind the curtains, there's Couric with a microphone after hours of Palin's campaign exhaustion. Something was UP.

So, anybody who thinks Palin's going to be 'used' doesn't know about Palin. And, by the way, I'm not a dyed in the wool fan, really, either..not yet. But, I'm more open than some because I recognize how clearly she loves this country and understands the constitution.

Now they're hitting on her faith ...there was a hit piece on Yahoo yesterday of her handlers suggesting she said "my nomination is God's will" or something.
Wait for more; The left isn't going to allow this honest, good woman who's smart and has Christian values to win; not without a huge fight. Just look at Ducky's ridiculous comment that doesn't even make sense; but, oh, it DOES insult. That'll be the new mantra.
Thankfully, Americans are REAL tired of the insults and seem to be rising above them at this point..and for Palin. The msm is backfiring on itself.

cube said...

I think it will be good for Palin and good for FOX. I'm loving the fact that many on the left are
getting their panties in a wad over it.

Ducky's here said...

Sarah Palin is smart? Not according to the McCain crew. I haven't seen any evidence of her intelligence, but her loss and McCain's was God's will so she should pay attention, right?

Tina Fey is going to have a field day.

Ducky's here said...

Why doesn't she replace Simon on "American Idol".

She'll get a larger audience.

Z said...

Ducky, No, as I've said and quoted many times, even the handlers who didn't like her because she went against their RNC talking points have never said she wasn't the quickest learner or smart anyway.
Look, she had experience, too....I'd LOVE to have heard a discussion re energy between obama who knew nothing at all and her. She admits now they blocked her from all kinds of things she was dying to do;
I'll always wonder why.
Man, you are SO SCARED of her...the whole left is and like one leftist said recently on MSNBC, she's growing with popularity with every insult because Americans smell the fear on the left and wonder WHY? :-) She doesn't need to campaign; most Americans find it unseemly for leftist magazines to print nude pictures of the guy who's the father of her grandchild only because of who he 'did'. Any halfway intelligent mind gets that...and that's just a portion of what the left's doing. Kind of fun, really!
Get ready, Tina....start the stuff; Americans need to hear about Palin more and more and more....I don't think she'll run but she's planning on campaigning for Republicans and, so far, SO GOOD! :-)

Ducky, some Americans REALLY DO love this country and relate to others who do.

Cube, panties isn't IN IT..they're PETRIFIED!!!

Ducky's here said...

What does she know about energy policy?

She's knows that oil comes out of the ground.

Her energy policy consisted of giving every one of the nation's biggest welfare queens, Alaskans, a check for a couple grand. Now they need the money and it ain't there.

Energy policy, Sarah Palin, please stop now or explain just what she knows about energy policy.

Z said...

Ducky, look in to'll learn something.

STOP with the fear, Ducky....your media will EXPOSE and EMBELLISH any SLIGHTEST personal item of hers before she gets too close to the presidency. We can't have someone who loves this country and understands the media's bias, TRUST ME..they'll take care of her.
Then you can relax.

I mean, Americans voted for a LIAR based on our media. Happy? :0)

Jungle Mom said...

The left should be afraid...very afraid... and they are!!!!!