Monday, January 4, 2010

Obama's gets another pass from the media

How many times did we hear "Bush is on vacation AGAIN"? 300? And it was nearly always at Crawford, TX, where he invited foreign dignitaries or committees to meet or others to discuss Presidential business. He did business from there like every president has to do. Yet, even today, mention Bush and vacations and a Letterman crowd or CNN news readers still laugh uproariously or roll their eyes. "Did he EVER do any WORK?" "And, oh that silly log splitting and brush clearing..." You've heard and seen that.
Then, there's poor Obama who took eleven days over Christmas for a trip to Hawaii but, the poor guy had to get his golf and work-outs interrupted by an "isolated extremist" threatening a plane full of Americans. It apparently was hell and rather unfair for him to have to have addressed this at HERE. You just won't believe the inferences in there...the POOR MAN just never gets any rest. I'd suggest they probably won't count this 11 days as 'vacation' in the media because, man, he had to really suffer and address all sorts of things; "What the heck kind of vacation is THAT?"

Then there's this from the article!!!: For a wartime president who dodged dealing with a terrorist attack on Christmas, it's just one reminder he's never completely distanced from his job as commander in chief.

But, but..........President Bush got S**t for being a 'wartime president' and...he dealt with............too, ..............he............but. OH, well.
The verbage on the image is "100,000 Dead. Lies Exposed. $300 billion Wasted. Hatred of America at an all time high.....I'm going on vacation" (imagine $300 billion wasted? Think about today!) And, oh, by the way, Europe doesn't hate us anymore, they pity us now. Just ask Sarkozy or Merkel or Gordon Brown or Poland or Czech Republic, to name a few.


Ducky's here said...

Just ask Sarkozy or Merkel or Gordon Brown or Poland or Czech Republic, to name a few.


All of a sudden you value Europe's opinion?

Gordon Brown is suddenly an authority on good governance? Have you been into the cooking sherry again, z?

Z said...

Oh, Ducky...I don't quite see your point....

The point is how many times did we hear "EUROPE HATES US, EUROPE HATES US" by the leftwingers who cared SO MUCH...they cared as if that was MORE important than America's pride and sovereignty, as you know. I was about the only one who knew they did NOT hate us but had a begrudging respect for Bush and our fighting all their fights (versus islamists, helping with tsunamis, etc etc etc etc)...I know that because we read the foreign press.

No, Europe doesn't have to like us, you know me better than to suggest I care that they do, but I DO think they ought to respect us; that's gone.
Gordon Brown is a moron. Stay focused, Duckster, this is about the leftwingers and HOW much they CARED when Bush was in office but don't seem to give a damn now that Obama's REALLY turning Europe off of us. Where's the outcry ??

And no...too early for the cooking sherry. Could you get into the food blog?

Chuck said...

It's cute when Obma goes on a date night or on vacation, or, or, or...

It will never end Z

Leticia said...

Face it Z no matter what BHO does he can never do wrong in the eyes of his devoted followers.

As for Europe taking pity on us, makes sense because they can clearly see what he has done and is doing to dismantle our nation.

We need their prayers as well.

shoprat said...

They hated Bush because he wasn't a brainwashed leftist zombie that the self-appointed masters of human destiny could push around.

sue said...

If anyone makes another remark about Bush's brush clearing, tell them I said that Thomas Jefferson liked to clear brush, too.

Anonymous said...

These European leaders know they're more vulnerable now than they were when Bush was President.

They rely on us to take down the terrorists. They, by themselves, can't and they know it.

While Bush was President, they had the luxury of sitting safely on the sidelines while we did the lion's share of the sacrifice. So some of them took potshots at Bush making his admnistration the target. I call it envy and cowardice. But, I think there was a well hidden respect for his resolve.

No doubt a political, politically correct posture for the home folks.

Now, they see a fumbling, half-hearted attempt at resolve against the enemy, and they say they feel pity? I would prefer respect, wouldn't you?

Who's going to fight the good fight now? Who's going to make them feel safe again? No one knows what they can or cannot count on with this President.

More likely they're worried sick at their vulnerability and need to rely on a pretender of a commander in chief who speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

The luxury of keeping their safe distance, while full of accusations of torture, and hardheadedness, is gone. So is the luxury of political correctness, if they know what's good for them.

Then you have the far left, who, in their mindless zeal to be right, make excuses for our President. That's what they're reduced to.

Is that respect? I don't think so. It's discomfort, and defensiveness. That's all they have left. How pathetic.

It's the same old problem, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.


Z said...

Sue, thanks for that...I love how much you know about our past presidents. I wish I had that array of knowledge.

Pris, you make such good points. There was a respect for Bush precisely because he did so much for Europe and Africa. He still doesn't get the credit even Bono and Geldof say he should in what he did against AIDS and hunger in Africa.

They must see now that Obama's made them more vulnerable. He's also spent us into such debt with China that one wonders how we'll ever be able to be the great American helper again. They know that, I'm sure. Maybe they'll just go directly to China now, too, but I think THEY have too much pride for that and understand what a lousy deal that would be...

They miss Bush now, you can count on that. Except the far left who still believes that capitulating to Russia and Iran and other terrorists will make them think "WOW, isn't that NICE? They're giving our guys rights in America....let's turn around and stop terrorizing the world!!" (oh, man)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Z - the far left can't face the reality of the world today, and further, won't admit ever, that they've been wrong about anything.

I see them as lost and floundering, holding onto a non-workable ideology which has been proven over and over again, to be a failure. Now, it's our turn to suffer through this same madness.


Always On Watch said...

The media continue to apply layers of Teflon to BHO.

But I do think that more Americans -- voters -- are seeing through the schmooze.

sue said...

Z - And not only did both Bush and jefferson like to clear brush, but they both liked to pontificate while doing it - to whomever would listen: visitors, cabinet members, etc.

When I read that I was amazed by the similarities.

Thanks for the comment on my presidential wisdom (ha). I like to think that studying the prezes for forty years counts for something.