Friday, January 22, 2010

WE ADVISE, YOU DECIDE :-) Ducky, did you see this?

TSA nominee Erroll Southers has STEPPED DOWN as WE ADVISED.

Ducky argued in comments here that it was silly to think that terrorists don't have all the information TV journalists are exposing on the air; many of us thought that was crazy and there are things we shouldn't be discussing. So, there's THIS:
I can't find the post, but I had done one on how
our media's giving terrorists information like "don't get a one-way ticket, don't come without luggage..", etc. WE ADVISED that those things are better not said. Some commenters believed that was silly. This week, Dennis Blair, Director of National Intelligence, said in Senate Hearings that people who give that kind of information out "should shut the hell UP." I wish I could find the link...I've looked and looked. But, I heard it. Twice.
Just wanted this information for the record. See how smart most ofGeeeee
Z's commenters are? :-) z


Ducky's here said...

Big whoop. I'm more excited that the Brown election is bearing fruit.

Bernanke, the Wall Street bum kisser is just about gone. He's losing more support by the minute.

Brown's win gets announced and President Empty Suit finally says a few words about re regulating.

They are going to implement health insurance reform in smaller pieces which is the way they should have done it to begin with.
Republicans want to filibuster a bill to stop denial of insurance for pre-existing conditions? Good, make the fools filibuster.

Like I said z, watch out what you wish for. I don't think it will have much effect but it may generate some leftward drift. I hope so because if we go any further right we are Mexico in 20 years.

Z said...

This post was about your ridiculous advice to us all that giving information on TV doesn't inform terrorists, Ducky.

As for Brown? I don't give a DAMN what happens now; ANYTHING was better than that lopsided a Congress and there are even a few Democrats like Evan Bayh who get it....Time to start acting like public servants, leftwingers and listen to the PEOPLE.

pre-existing conditions have to be addressed...But, as you have to know, allowing pre-existing conditions will kill the insurance companies. Without OUR BAIL OUT they won't make it.

Come up with something new, Democrats..I thought you guys had all the ideas. You tried to cram your version buy Americans and they're not buying it.

Anonymous said...

Don't get too excited Ducky. The Clintons dropped their healthcare boondoggle, but it didn't help in the midterm elections.
Their party lost big time in 1994.

Now to the subject of Z's post. Well, Dennis Blair's advice to "shut the hell up" is the correct approach.

The media has no clue as to why classifeid info is classified. Neither it seems, does this administration. They're in the process of declassifying thousands of documents. I guess that's what Obama meant by transparency. In a time of war, no less.

If the purpose was to help the enemy, they couldn't have a better friend in the WH. So far, Obama has exceeded all reason in his appeasement policies.

Worldwide access to what we will or won't do in Afghanistan, Gitmo, or Iraq, is insanity. And no Ducky, our classified info is not obvious to the enemy.

The best approach is to keep them guessing, and to keep the pressure on them, not give them a release valve, in the world of intelligence information.

Dennis Blair's admission today, that no plans had been made regarding terrorists captured in the US. flies in the face of his own advice, so I would advise Mr. Blair, also, to "shut the hell up"!

What in the world is the matter with these people? Haven't they heard of having a hearing regarding intelligence, behind closed doors?


Z said...

Pris, remember my post on this subject and how most of us agreed that the media's BLOWING our cover by exposing too much info? Well, that's why I published this.."shut the HELL up"..
finally, something I can agree with this darned administration with. Well, at least this member of the administration.